A16 – San Francisco, CA

2355 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 771-2216

Whenever I am in a city with great pizza, I make sure to eat as much of it as I can while I am there.  San Francisco has a great pizza scene and I managed to eat at Pizzeria Delfina and A16 on this trip. (I note that Foodosophy member almatonne recently covered Pizzeria Delfina here.)

The pizza here is a thing of beauty – leopard-spotted from the intense heat of their wood fired oven. I had the baby octopus and clam pizza tonight. The crust was near perfect (though not quite as perfect as the crust at Pizzeria Delfina) and the toppings were well seasoned and well balanced.

A16 actually has two ovens – one is reserved for some of their other dishes. Nearly all their cooked food spends at least a bit of time in these ovens. Of note on this visit was a very minimally prepared green chili peppers – some olive oil, the peppers and sea salt…then the oven performs its magic.

I find it hard to write about pizza at a different city without falling back to my usual lament: why can’t we get good pizza in Vancouver?

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7 thoughts on “A16 – San Francisco, CA

  1. Because we are so used to the ~$1.5/slice pizza that we no longer know better? Just saying…

    Or worst case scenario, do a drive to Abbotsford for Ah-Beetz. But, sigh, that is a long trip!

    • I think you are right KimHo. In NYC (a well known pizza town) – they are just starting to see $1/slice pizzas. The aficionados are fearing for their pizza as they see this as a drive to the bottom.

  2. Good looking pizza. I’ve never actually been to A-16 but should go soon – right after I wait 2 hrs for a pizza at Una Pizza Napoletana. Glad to hear you liked Delfina as well by the sounds of it.

    FYI, those are padron peppers which have been all the rage at our local farmers markets for the past few years. Super easy to do at home and always delicious.

    • I was thinking of posting my Pizzeria Delfina experience – until I saw yours. LOL. Yep – theirs was the better of the two pizzas I had in SF on this trip.

      I will go to UPN once the hype subsides (though the line-ups may never go away). Pizzaiolo having rockstar status is just unheard of around these parts. Goes to show you how serious pizza can get.

      Thanks for the intel on the Padron peppers. I was actually trying to find out what they were when I got back. They are similar in size, shape, and flavour to shishito – which is seasonally available here.

  3. Have you ever tried Serious Pie in downtown Seattle? It’s about as close to an existential pizza crust as I’ve ever had in the Northwest

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