La Gloria – Bellingham, WA

La Gloria
4140 Meridian Street
Bellingham, WA
(360) 733-9102

I love to eat at ethnic hole-in-the-wall restaurants. These little joints plug away making tasty food oblivious to the ongoing debates about culinary authenticity and ethnicity. This insulation from such gastronomic banter is what makes good holes-in-the-wall so endearing and finding them such a satisfying experience. One such place is the humble La Gloria – part restaurant and part grocery store – located just south of the 49th parallel in Bellingham WA.

It is no secret that Vancouver has dearth of decent Mexican food. It is an issue of demographics and immigration patterns, of course. We just do not have the population of Mexican immigrants to support many authentic Mexican restaurants. La Gloria serves some of the tastiest and most authentic Mexican food within a day’s drive of Vancouver.

The concise menu sticks to the standards: tacos, chili rellenos, tamales, mole, pozole…that sort of thing. Everything we have had there was very well executed. The tacos (which were well priced at $1.50 each) were excellent – the carnitas were a proper flavourful “greasy” confit of pork, the chorizo tasted bright and fresh, and lengua was tender and mild. The corn tortillas were soft and fresh. The chile relleno is also quite good – having a nice toasty charred flavour imparted by the process of flaming and peeling of the Poblano pepper’s skin.

La Gloria is also a well stocked Mexican grocery. In my most recent visit there, I was with my father who lived in Los Angeles in my youth (my family kept two residences back then – one here in Vancouver and one in LA). He was elated to find proper freshly made chicharonnes. He immediately purchased 5 pounds of chicharron….and two cases of Mexican Coke.

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6 thoughts on “La Gloria – Bellingham, WA

  1. Thanks to your intel about this place, the SO has been eating very well on his recent trips to WA for business. I am getting jealous!

  2. Excellent ! As far as tacos/Mex foods go in Bellingham, my experience is limited to Dos Padres (blech !) in Fairhaven, and Taco Lobo downtown (ok, but gringo-oriented), Banditos, etc.

    This place I need to check out soon.

  3. There are a number of taco options near La Gloria, according to the SO, but he hasn’t tried any others yet.

    Tinfoilhat on CH recommended this one in the spring: “Head to the border crossing at 264th and then drive toward Bellingham on Guide Meridian Road. Just before you hit the city watch out for a Pro Golf Discount on your right hand side. In the parking lot between the golf store and the gas station is a Taco Trailer manned by a family turning out the best damn Mexican food you’ll have this side of the Mexican border. In about 80 square feet they are pressing out fresh tortillas as you order, making fresh fillings and sauces. You eat at a picnic bench outside in the parking lot on a stained plastic tablecloth and try to keep your paper napkins from blowing away. Go hungry, the portions are great and the food is fantastic. I promise you one of the best meals you’ll ever have. Bring US cash.”

  4. gastronomydomine :
    I have seen that trailer and was tempted to stop in right this meal here. It is about a minute’s drive away from La Gloria. May have to do a taco crawl along Meridian.

    I can do B’ham taco crawl. I got Nexus, hehehe. On way home I don’t have to declare nuthin’, other than maybe a too-full tummy …..

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