Matsuzushi – Coquitlam, BC

403 North Road #203
Coquitlam, BC
(604) 931-3713

Things have changed since I last visited Matsuzushi.  For one, the combined space with the small grocery item store has been downsized.  Though there is a definite partition that divides the two, it still retains its very casual and almost cafeteria-like ambiance with minimal decor and fuss.  For those unfamiliar, the system is a pay-first one.  After placing your order at the cashier and paying for your meal ahead of time, find a seat and your food will be brought out to you – no need to rush back to the counter for pickup.

Outside on their handmade signboard on this day, I noticed a listing of specials.  As I’m apt to do, I decided to try something on it and given the hot weather, the summer hiyashichuka (cold Japanese noodles) seemed perfect.  There seems to be a growing number of places in town that feature this dish when the warmer weather arrives, which is just fine with me.  For something so simple, its nice to see the variety of combinations and therefore flavor profile in each one of them.  Search around the site to find some previous commentary on this Japanese dish.

The noodles, hard to see here, were of a standard instant noodle variety.  Thinner, with a slight kink to them, enough to help aid the light sauce to stick to them better.  They were cooked thoroughly and cooled sufficiently.  Nestled on top was an array of toppings including bean sprouts, wakame, marinated mushrooms, kaneboko, sliced fried egg, and some gari.  The soy-rice wine vinegar dressing had the requisite tartness, which is the key to making this dish feel refreshing in the mouth.  If I were to rank this with the others I’ve had around the GVRD, I’d put it above Deli Nippon, and below the more intricate creations at G-Men and Menya.

With sushi being the most highlighted and vastly available item on the menu here, I just had to dabble in that drawer and was presented with the above pictured plate of nigiri.   From left to right: toro, amaebi, tako, ikura.  The best of the quad was surprisingly the amaebi, good firmness and texture.  I would say then followed by the toro, albeit the piece was slightly oddly cut, and the other two forgettable.  From what I could see, massive platters of rolls for party purposes seemed to be what sold most here, or at least was featured most prominently.  With a crew of some younger early-twenty-something folks behind the bar,  the construction of rolls seemed to be their forte and likely your stronger bet to be satisfied.

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3 thoughts on “Matsuzushi – Coquitlam, BC

    • Hmm, a bit harsh Toru with that remark don’t you think? Its not a bad hiyashichuka, not outstanding by any means, but far from looking like someone’s regurgitation. If its any consolation for you, the place and grocery are run by Japanese people, including the folks in the kitchen and behind the counter and my servers on this day. But yes, agree there is plenty of inauthentic Japanese cuisine popping up around town…

  1. I love this place!

    It was kind’a weird going there when they shoved the food-stuffs to the front of the restaurant…

    Have you tried the drizzled with chocolate deep-friend ice-cream ball thingy? SO delish! I pretty much always order the Curry Rice. I’ve always enjoyed the sushi too.

    It’s nice to have an authentic Japanese-run Japanese restaurant. ; P

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