Chicken Party – Burnaby, BC

Chicken Party
205 – 3355 North Road
Burnaby, BC
(604) 444-1188

As alluded to at the end of this previous post, the meal journey of that day was far from over.  In fact, it continued along the same chicken wing theme, as we ventured along the streets towards the Burnaby-Coquitlam border.  After being rebuffed at Mexican Chicken Hof and Honey’s Bistro since they were both not open for the day, we decided on a longer journey out to Port Moody to check out Rehanah’s Roti.

But suddenly out of the corner of our eye we saw the humorous signage for Chicken Party.

A quick lane change and entry into the parking lot where this business was housed.  Was it some kind of party house stocked with poultry-themed costumes?  An exclusive entertainment club for chicken farmers?

Nope, turns out it was just good old deep fried chicken in various flavors, including that sweet-spicy variation common at Korean-style chicken joints.  If you needed any further clarification on the proprietors of this place, the hand made signs written in foreign script.  From what I can make out, it was some combinations of food & drink.  As a licensed business, a cooler with various bottled beer and Korean liquor were available.  The perfect ingredients for our stopover.

As two folks not averse to grabbing another drink, we got two to sip on while we waited for our order to be ready.  Not much to look at in terms of ambiance.

While we were waiting, there were several other people who had made orders, of the takeaway variety.  As it was our first time here, it was good to know that others frequented this spot and thus we held positive hopes for the quality of the meal we were about to indulge in.

Garlic-soy sauce marinated chicken drummettes was our call.  Served with a rather forgettable Caesar salad.  As for the chicken, well flavored and injected with that delightful Asian combination of sharpness from the fresh ginger and the saltiness of the soy.  A delicate crispiness (from corn starch?) of exterior skin was to my liking, and as we dug into the plate it was easy to hunger for more.  These were really meaty and some of the chunks almost looked like appendages from chickens that been through Ben Johnson’s muscle building program.  Nothing skimpy here, and for a ten piece plate for $7.99, a solid pound-for-pound deal.

With that, it was a TKO and our thoughts of making a third stopover for more chicken felt flat.  I think only if foodosopher was with us, could we have had the courage to even try…

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11 thoughts on “Chicken Party – Burnaby, BC

  1. Just to check… Is that piece in the picture a drumstick that was sliced to open it (hence, more exposed area for faster cooking)?

    Now, in addition to the chicken, any other sides? If it is as good as it might sound, who knows, LA/LEE Chicken might have some competition!

    • Hey Kim, yes I think you’re right.

      As for other sides, I think it was pretty minimal, but I don’t recall nor have a picture of anything on their menu board. I can go again and find out for you.

      LA/LEE Chicken, where can those be found?

      • LA Chicken is in Richmond, on No 5 Road, just behind Continental Seafood Restaurant (same complex where Kiyo Sushi is located).

        As for Lee Chicken, I have been told here is one in Surrey and there is one in Abbotsford. Hey, you guys went to Ah-Beetz for pizza! 😛

    • LR, then you must try the other places that have been found to serve it here, especially the Yangnyeom-style.

      Sure looks like there are plenty of options in NYC, that second link with all the choices is outstanding!

  2. Why are Korean places so unfriendly? So much of the menu is in Korean it just seems like their businesses only cater to Koreans not other’s. Do they not want business from others? It’s perplexing.

    • Well including us, the other people we saw who came in and ordered food were all non-Korean speaking/reading folks. So its not a barrier to getting food in this particular establishment.

      Language on menus and perhaps you can extend that to service is an interesting topic, one that could be examined in greater detail. It all depends on your comfort level. I’ve been in plenty of Chinese, French, etc. places in the GVRD where it was clear the main clientele was those who could speak/read those languages and while advantageous to knowing what was going on (and perhaps getting some special deals or menu items) its never deterred me from going there anyways. A simple asking about the menu, what’s good, what’s popular, etc. even in basic English and you can navigate through the language comprehension issues, and that’s how I handle these situations.

      As to why some restaurants and eateries just focus on the native language at hand, I have some assumptions. 1.) they do quite well with just the customers who may be more comfortable in using their native, non-English language and default to places where they can be served familiar food and in a familiar language. 2.) there is still a knowledge gap in terms of the locals knowing about and actually regularly ordering some dishes that may seem “foreign” to most Canadians; thus not everything is translated to English as its just not as necessary ‘now’. 3.) an English barrier for the proprietors themselves, who don’t have budgets to make up English menus or signage for everything, and have to limit it to main items that will likely be ordered by the locals; I’m sure we’ve seen many cases of strange translation and misspellings in mneus, so perhaps this is not a total loss. I’m sure I could go on with other guestimates, but these are a few for now. Others, feel free to chime in.

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