Triple O’s – Burnaby, BC

Triple O’s
6038 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 568-4538

I can imagine the instantaneous reaction this post will receive. So I’ll come out and say it.

The fast food burger that I’m enjoying of late is from Triple O’s.

Having not grown up in British Columbia, I don’t harbour the long lasting childhood memories of others, who have had the food from White Spot and the like that seems to be true of many Vancouverites, from their very early days (and perhaps teenage years?).

Now granted, I’ve had Triple O’s a total of three times now. That’s in my lifetime.

So perhaps its still that “newness” of experience that is making me rate this burger the best of the lot among those fast food joints that I can navigate my way through their drive-thru, when I am in a completely lazy state and need a quick meal fix.

I certainly don’t know much about Triple O’s burger pedigree (if they even have one at all), but my trio of takeout meals has involved the original combo, spruced up with some mushroom toppings, as I just love these buttery fungi on my fast food meat in a bun.

Perhaps, and maybe someone can give their thoughts, that its this added bit of earthiness that is improving my overall burger experience at Triple O’s?  In other words, does adding mushrooms help improve the flavor of the burger patty by moistening it somewhat, or even the whole package all together as if its some kind of magic ingredient that can turn the bad or mediocre into something acceptable (keeping in mind here, this is for a fast food experience)?

So what do I like about this in a nutshell?  Its the relative soft textured bun that has a nice cushion-y feel, the decent patty of meat that has a beefy flavor and crumbly consistency to it, the layers of crunchy lettuce and here’s the kicker, I actually like whatever they want to call it (“special sauce”) that reminds me of Thousand Island dressing that they squirt on top.  And as a lover of pickles, I like how they add one wrapped inside the paper but separately, so it doesn’t release its water content and thus make the bun too soggy before you are ready to eat.

Its late on a Sunday night.  And here I am writing about a fast food burger.  Am I nuts? 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Triple O’s – Burnaby, BC

  1. Not nuts at all.

    I too love mushrooms on this burger. It’s a combination of the nice earthy flavour, the slightly chewy texture and that umami kick (mushrooms are a natural source of flavour enhancing glutamates).

    Many many years ago, a friend and I became obsessed with trying to replicate the Triple-O sauce. I think we got pretty close with just plain homemade mayo and butter. (You still need that red hamburger relish to round it all out.)

    • Thanks Gastro! Your added description encapsulated what I was trying to convey about these ‘shrooms. I imagine you’re not the only one out there who’s try to copy that sauce. 🙂

  2. I have never really had Triple O’s but I always went to White Spot when I was young lmao love their pirate paks! I remember there’s this mushroom burger that I always LOVED in White Spot, I wonder if Triple O’s have it too…

  3. shokutsu, as somebody didn’t grow up in Vancouver, I think I can relate. Heck I also wrote a post of Triple O’s, so no shame here! 😛

    Having said that… It has its good points but won’t compare it to the offerings from other fast food chains. Instead, “it is what it is”.

  4. Yes these burgers are actually pretty decent for fast food. However, different locations make them better than others, it seems like your local place has good well-trained staff! I think the secret is to freshly cook the patty’s without overcooking them. My nearest location tends to pre-cook unless you special order, and I could do without the whole attached to a gas-station bit. At least they serve yam fries now and their onion rings are also good. I also like the milkshakes. I think the recipes used are the same as for the white spot restaurants. And yes, definately always get the mushrooms as they are real mushrooms they saute.

  5. “Now granted, I’ve had Triple O’s a total of three times now. That’s in my lifetime.”

    I’ve had maybe half a dozen Triple O burgers in my lifetime of over 5 decades (0-9 counts as one decade …..). I honestly don’t understand what all the fuss is with them. Soggy bun, small, overcooked beef patty, and the triple “O” sauce ……. basically Thousand Island if you ask me :-/

    • White Spot burgers – you love ’em or you hate them. For me it is a bit of nostalgia from when I use to frequent Whitespot drive-ins and eat these burgers in our cars from those skinny trays.

  6. Have to agree with LotusRapper. Whether it’s Triple O’s or White Spot it always seems as if the burger was cooked well before service. Gotta stick with my new favorite, Burger Burger!

    • I should emphasize that my comment was about this being my favorite (of late) CHAIN FAST FOOD burger – so in that realm I would put the likes of Micky D’s, Dairy Queen, A&W,e etc. Burger Burger, as its not part of a network of outlets, is exempt. 🙂

  7. I can relate since I’ve only been in Vancouver for 4 years. Once I had a white spot burger I couldn’t go back. If I was out going for dinner and I suddenly see a triple o’s or white spot that’s all I can think about for the rest of the night, and for a while after than until I get my craving.
    There’s something about the moistness, special sauce, and it’s fresh condiments.

    • Thanks for “proving” my point for us newbies Casey. 🙂 And yes that moistness you describe is a strong selling point for this fast food burger. Great, now I’m hungry…

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