Cockney Kings Fish & Chips – New Westminster, BC

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips
1005 Columbia St
New Westminster, BC
(604) 522-6099

The relative newness of the building that contrasted against the old school script of the signage was what grabbed my attention the first time I laid eyes on Cockney Kings, during a visit to the burger joint across the street.  While the distinct scent of deep frying goodies permeated the air, we stuck with our mission of getting some ‘burgs, and I had to save a visit here for a later day.  I thought it would be fitting to squeeze this one in now, following last night’s uploading of a fish & chip meal.

For those who are travelers to the north side of Burnaby, there is another outlet of Cockney Kings up there, which I assume is the older, original one.  I’ve only driven by myself perhaps twice and seen it after my visit to this New West branch.

While the exterior is that typical architect-in-a-box design that many developers deploy these days, the inside looks like it was furnished with the remnants of someone’s grandmother’s bingo hall furniture.  I’m sure the overwhelming stench and coating of oil over time makes the owners hesitant of even bothering to put in some decent tables and chairs. It doesn’t seem to detract from the appeal of this place as it was quite full of people on my mid-day visit.

After debating whether to get the cod or halibut, even debated the salmon, I opted for the basic two piece cod for nine bucks.  While my order was in the queue, I waited on a nearby bench and within minutes realized I would be walking out of there smelling like I myself had stepped into a deep fryer.  After wondering when it would be ready, I got told it would be soon and lo and behold, it got wrapped up in the day’s newspaper, taped up and given to me in a flimsy plastic bag to go.

My package survived a drive to when I opened it up to eat.  A fair amount of grease had been transmitted to the surrounding paper, which in hindsight was probably a good thing, as all in all, the items all felt ‘dried out’.  The chips in particular were crispy albeit not really seasoned much and bland tasting.

In closing, I wanted to show this snap shop of a bisected piece of fish.  Not overly large in size, but very lean and flaky.  Texture was very meaty and hearty.  None of that translucent, mysteriously mushy and fatty kind that I’ve had at too many poor places.   The exterior was a rich golden color and had my preferred level of crispness to it, all the while not being overly battered and cakey.  I liked the product here, and will be back to see if I still like it on a second go-around.

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11 thoughts on “Cockney Kings Fish & Chips – New Westminster, BC

  1. This place used to be located deeper in the same mini-mall. It was used to be okay, but not great. Now that it has moved to it’s new building, the food has come up a level. I really like both the cod and the halibut fish and chips. I always get a side of coleslaw as well, it is pretty good.

    The place is very popular now. I am always stunned by the number of old people that eat fish and chips, you’d think they’d be trying to eat healthier at their age, but I guess why not go out with a bang. The icing on the cake was several of the old ladies smoking cigarettes outside of the restaurant after a meal. The icing on the cake!

    • Thanks for the historical info tanuki86, that probably explains the tacky furnishings. I am with you on the aged clientele that is surprising. Maybe its also just part of the local demographic?

  2. I have been there and many other places. THIS PLACE ROCKS. they make the best halibut around. the only place that I like that is just as good is just outside of edmonton in spruce grove and that is a long way to go for great fish. but worth it. You want great fish go there want something not so great go somewhere else. The place at times is hard to get into cause so many love it there but it is worth it. take out is great too my cats go nuts for it too. the food is simple but is well worth driving from surrey to get to it. Good food is worth the drive to get it and does not need to be complicated to be enjoyed

      • yes it is. was there in Aug, but has really changed inside and on prices gone way up. used to get a really big feed for the price now potions are smaller and prices are higher. taste is still good thanks fish gods, but was really disappointed at the fact they seem to be thawin out the fish in the microwave and not the same amount of people there. I guess the changes were not for the better there, I am still glad to have my Cockney Kings here to go to. their prices have gone up too but the taste and amount you get still the same. Cheers

  3. You should also try The Fish House in Sydney BC just outside of Victoria. Very small, even after it was made bigger, but very delicious food! It’s closer than Edmonton…

  4. Historic note.
    There was a Cockney Kings in Vancouver in the late 60’s. It was about 1 block south of the Dover Arms pub. I remember it using the same Old English lettering and having holding equipment that seemed to be purpose built for fish and fries. I don’t know if they were the original of these two places but I will have to get out to one of them.

    • Thanks dapperdon for the old school insight! Could be a connection here indeed. I found the modern interpretation of the traditional lettering in the signage a bit lacking here, so would have loved it if they had kept some of that old material and used it in this particular location. Would have added so much more character!

      Please pop by the blog again if you make your way to one of their locations and try their f&c, and let us know what you thought!

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