Hudsons Canadian Taphouse (Campus) – Edmonton, AB

Hudsons Canadian Tap House (Campus location)
11113 87 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-6364

An impromptu rush out to catch the start of the World Cup match on the first Friday of the tournament led myself and a buddy to a nearby pub on the University of Alberta campus.  Funny, I used to remember this location as another drinking hole, ironically called The Library in years gone by.  It was once we stepped inside that I understood it was part of the Hudsons chain – the first outlet on Whyte Avenue another former stomping ground on yours truly in yesteryear.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but see now that its grown to five location in Edmonton and also one in Calgary.

Sticking with the Canadian theme of this establishment, I opted for a standard domestic draught to wet the whistle as we settled in to watching the game.  We were stuck in the basement however which resulted in a very dark space.  My pal enjoyed the views of the attractive, perky, young waitress however, that seem to be the norm of places like this and she was working hard for a big tip.  

Over the lunch period (noon to 2pm), Hudsons features a special 7oz. steak sandwich for just $9.99.  Not a shabby offer, but I chose to have the Rancher’s Beef Dip ($11.99) instead, which was flavored with a dijon mayonaise and what I think was horseradish and served on a panini loaf.   Fries on the side and a gravy (which ended up being missed by our server) and a so-so au jus.  As a lunch serving, the pieces were on par, with a decent amount of sliced roast beef and a crusty bread.  I was more into viewing the game on one of the multiple screens in this dungeon and downing my pint, so the food got lost in the mix.  Suffice it to say, it was by no means a beef dip enlightenment, nor was it an absolute monstrosity never to be eaten again.

Now, if we could only do something about those dastard vuvuzelas!

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