Mucho Burrito – Burnaby, BC

Mucho Burrito
Unit 100, 7515 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC
(604) 569-2544

Easily accessible.  Reasonable prices.  And quick service.  I think those conditions come to mind when one thinks of fast food in general.  Fresh?  Perhaps less of a consideration for most, amid all the burger, fried chicken and pizza joints that abound these days catering to the masses.

Our colleague Foodosopher previous wrote about Mucho Burrito in Edmonton, Alberta.  And so when I spotted it had opened up what I believe is their first B.C. location in the Market Crossing area of south Burnaby’s growing community, I decided to grab a fast meal-to-go as I was driving by on Marine Way.  I did have a faint recollection of his visit, that did deal with the “Fresh Mex” aspect of this franchise-focused operation, although I knew I wasn’t in the mood for a burrito the size of my forearm.

First of all, walking inside this new outlet gives you a case of vertigo, as you simply don’t know which way to go and the layout is a bit confusing.  I’d just followed another fellow through the doors and we ended up at the cashier, only to be told the lineup began on the other side of the space.  So navigating back through the dine-in area, to a corral like alley, we made it to where we were supposed to be.

Faced with the task of first scanning and deciphering the menu board hoisted above eye level, and hanging in the air overlooking the conveyor belt-like food preparation bar,  I quickly blurted out that I wanted three of their soft “gourmet” tacos.  A group of about ten hourly-wage employees were lined up like robots at various stations – and in typical a pre-Revolution way, they were assigned a specific task.  From the mundane scooping of the meats, to the adding of other vegetable toppings, even to a fellow who’s responsibility it was to wrap them in tinfoil.  Factory line production at its finest in fast food form.

Carne Asada (“roasted meat” – beef steak): A bit of charbroiled scent was present and the meat was obviously marinated, ingraining it with flavour that wouldn’t have been present had it not been so strongly seasoned with cumin.  Perhaps the best tasting on a pure meat level of the trio I sampled, albeit it was on the dry side.

Carnitas (“little meats” – shredded pork): Apparently slow cooked and seasoned, but this was lacking excitement.  It got lost in the veg.

Pollo (“chicken” – breast meat): Just as unforgettable as the shredded pork was.  No further comment necessary.

Portion-wise, these were on the small size and I was disappointed by the amount of meat that was placed in each.  I honestly could have eaten at least five before I would have started to feel full.  I suppose next time (if there is one), I’ll have to get something more substantial to satisfy me.  Hopefully, something with more meat.

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15 thoughts on “Mucho Burrito – Burnaby, BC

  1. I said this before, but I can say it again. MB has still a lot of catching up to do on Chipotles.

    Portions measured by a serving tool = cheap franchise. Flavors, not even close.
    The rice alone is miles apart.

    • H.Peter – I noticed those measuring cups too, goes along with the factory line prep process I outlined. 🙂 I’ve never been to a Chipotles outlet (are they in Canada too?), so can’t compare personally, but good to know if I ever do.

  2. I have been going to the Mucho Burrito on Marine Way for almost 5 weeks now and I love the place!

    I agree their tacos arent the strongest item on there menu….. but have you tried their burritos…. there the best in the lower mainland… Im a huge Chipotle fan and this is the closest thing to it up here north of the border…

    I will continue going there and a lot of people do try going there at lunch place is a zoo its so busy…

    try other things on their menu you will love the freshness of this place!

    • I went probably the week it opened. With not a lot of choice for workers in that area, I can understand it being busy and it was when I went for lunch.

  3. There’s a Chipotle in Toronto near Yonge/Dundas, but have you tried tacos at Dona Cata at Victoria Dr/34th – your choice of 7 different meats and 10 kinds of homemade salsa – toonie/taco! And 2 for $8 margaritas!

    • laicha, nice to know there is at least one up here. Never been to Dona Cata, can you expand on what kind of different meats they have available? Those prices sound pretty good for cool refreshing drinks as the weather warms up here on the coast!

  4. Yah, the tacos don’t look all that inspiring. However, there isn’t much in the way of Mexican food in that area. I guess this will be on my to-try list as well. On a side note, chicken always seems to be so bland no matter what we do to it! Pork rules! Damn, I sound like Kim now…

  5. The food here is great in regards to fast good mexican…. like previosly stated tacos are not the greatest thing but other items there are good… I lived in Portland for a 5 years and chipotle was my fav place to visit…. this is the next best thing to it here in canada much better then taco bell taco time or taco del mar actually 100 times better….. shokutsu go try their burritos and when you do try the pork!

  6. Went to Mucho Burrito on Marine Way in Burnaby July 17 with family. Burrotos pretty good. Got a coupon to complete an online survey with chance to win $500 cash and would get a free bag of chips or 2 cookies and a canned drink with next purchase. Presume would print a voucher after survey taken. Would not let me do the survey as I did not meet age criteria needed to complete it as I am just over 65. Interesting as we eat out many times a week. Also likely discriminatory. Never go there again.

  7. Hello David,

    My name is Ronnie and I am the owner of the Mucho Burrito in Burnaby. I am sorry about what happend to you. We appreciate the time you put in to the survery for us.

    It was a glitch in the system and Marketing does know about it and it has been fixed.

    If you could email me at I would be more then willing to compensate you for this mishap.

    We value your business and I am truly sorry.



  8. I am assuming, from looking at the online menu, that all of the rice is full of lime and cilantro? I have no objection to the lime but cilantro is from hell and should stay there. If so, I will stick with Taco Del Mar, at least they only have it in the salsa, which really is bad enough, but you can still skip it.

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