House of Wings – Burnaby, BC

House of Wings Restaurant And Lounge
7155 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 540-6465

Sports on big screens + beer + wings.  A trademark trio of any proud joint that offers the key staples that satisfy the average athletics loving, red-blooded Canadian male when out for some drinks with the boys.  Throw in some pretty girls as service staff and a win for the home team, and you pretty much have paradise.  Yes, men are easy to please.

With the Canucks season long over, the tv sports scene is in a state of limbo, as its still early in the MLB season and football is still months away, so the likes of MMA (such as last night’s UCF 114, and the upcoming UFC 115 in Vancouver) are what keep most of these places busy with thirsty customers on a late weekend evening.  And to fill the seats before the rush, is that phenomenon called happy hour (with 37 cent wings).

With a name like House of Wings, frankly they better do a good job with these chicken appendages.  As the other wings place down the road was busy with a public fund raising event, it became the default choice for this quick stop with tee.

Unfortunately, starting with a limited selection of available brews on tap, a lack of atmosphere and horrifically bad cushions in the booth we were seated at, bad tasting wings were the least of their problems.  The trio of servers seemed to be on the ditsy and uncaring side, as attitudes were weak as all three stood at the bar when we walked in and it felt like we were interrupting their private chatting time.  Granted there are plenty of flavor options when it comes to their wings, but I’m sure they are mostly forgettable.  Our single ten piece order of some kind of sweet-spicy Jamaican variety was on the soft side (they didn’t seem crisply deep-fried) and the sauce was a wet, sticky mess that was applied after the fact.

I’m sure it says something when we walked out after just a one-plate order and continued our quest for good wings.  Come back again to read about the next phase of this story…

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6 thoughts on “House of Wings – Burnaby, BC

  1. …and not to give the HOUSE OF (soggy) WINGS a free pass, i will say that the visit date and time might have something to do with the final product. 11:30am on a sunday isn’t typically the busiest time for wings – i’m hoping that this is the H-O-Wings offseason, as they have about three months to ramp up for the chaos that is known as sunday morning NFL games.

    • Time shouldn’t matter. If they are open and its less than an hour to what is presumably their peak time (eg. start of happy hour), then I’d expect them to be on their game. Their screens were all blasting away with various sporting events, so they could expect crowds in the late morning on a weekend.

  2. good point shokutsu…i’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but the other things you touched on weren’t time related.

    1. the highly uncomfortable deeply “broken in” bench seats
    2. the crappy selection of beer.

    the servers, i’m guessing, were probably all hung over from the night before. zing.

  3. You don’t go to these places necessarily for the food but for the ambiance. If it is something barely passable, for the most part it should be good enough. My $0.02! 🙂

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