Steveston Cafe – Richmond, BC

Steveston Cafe
12111 3rd Avenue
Richmond, BC
(604) 277-9511

An early morning visit to Steveston village precipitated the need to indulge in that classic weekend jump start – bad coffee and breakie in a greasy spoon – as we were in dire need of some sustenance and were tired of driving and walking around.  Just another random stop resulting in a brief foodosophy posting, I swear if not for the sake of filling up space on this blog, I’d probably never step foot into them. 🙂

Situated across the street from the relic buildings of an old cannery and a museum featuring the same, as well as a pub next door, the Steveston Cafe is a definitive example of a small town breakfast joint.  Nothing extravagant on the outside, and indoors, full of young families, and older folks who are probably on some kind of fixed income support and appreciate the low prices of diners like this.

Getting the attention of some servers was a bit of a chore as they were both busy running around the room trying to fulfill the needs of these anxious morning customers.  Best to head straight to the til, and flag one down to get taken to a table as standing at the entrance will not bring you any results.

Seeing a group of plus 60 men with pints of beer at their table at this early morning hour was a clear sign to me that anything goes here.  Just my kind of place. 🙂  I suppose having a liquor store next door and the pub, does not hurt in supplying their bar needs.

Aside from standard breakfast fare, such as omelettes, hash plates, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, there was nothing on the listings that leaped out from the page at me.  So I elected to go with one of their highlighted “specials”, in what was called the Steveston Scramble.  With a choice of either pancakes or French toast, 2 strips of bacon, 2 sausages and scrambled eggs, it came to $9.99.

This mound of a plate was a hearty start to the day.  The French toast was not the overly fluffy type that I prefer but decent at that.  The sides of meat were nothing special, the bacon on the burnt side.  The eggs hiden under the toast was probably about two full eggs in volume, and not too runny.  For a ten-spot, I think it was a bit much, especially considering where we were.  When the need to just get something in your stomach for basic energy needs and without much choice, Steveston Cafe was a default choice and not one I’d deliberately select again given more time and effort into an eating selection in town.

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2 thoughts on “Steveston Cafe – Richmond, BC

    • As I wrote, it was just okay. But thinking at ten bucks, it wouldn’t qualify as one of your cheap eats Tana. 🙂 I’ll have to wait a few decades to see if breakfast beer is my thing as a senior citizen…

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