Asa Sushi – Burnaby, BC

Asa Sushi
7608 Royal Oak Avenue
Burnaby, BC
(604) 419-0233

It has been a while since this visit, but one that I’ve not forgotten for its hilarity. I thought it would be an amusing way to begin the work week, by examining some seriously dysfunctional sushi preparation…

Cradled at the far edge of a small commercial complex that houses a convenience store, a bakery and what I think was a veterinarian office, is Asa Sushi. With very few sushi options that were open for a quick takeaway in the same area (another across the way was closed on this day), but still not willing to give up on having this for something to eat, I headed inside. A crawlspace of a joint, with a few tables and chairs and surprisingly at least six customers.

A couple seemed to be working behind the bar and took no notice of me as I scanned the menu hoping to find something safe, as I was certainly not expecting anything gourmet from here. Tuna and Salmon, always seem to be Canadian favorites, so I figured that would be the best option here – and I ordered one of their set combos that had rolls and “nigiri” for eight dollars.

I use that word very liberally, as what I got was far from formed sushi. More like cut-and-laid-on-top-and-tucked-underneath.  Turned out the rice was practically unseasoned as well.  And Lord, were they ever tiny!  I thought the top-down view would be slightly deceptive, so I turned one over like a helpless turtle.

Not much more to be said.  This was straight up TOFTT.

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