Speed’s Neighbourhood Pub – Delta, BC

Speed’s Neighbourhood Pub
4943 Chisholm Street
Delta, BC
(604) 940-2245

Ever felt like you were about twenty years too early for something? Sort of like the complete opposite of a Hot Tub Time Machine misadventure. Well, that’s what we felt like on a random stopover for a quick pint while driving out in the netherworld of Delta.

Located right on the river’s edge opposite Lander Harbour Park and northwest of the Ladner town site, it has a decent view of some docks and the natural water fowl that populates the area.  But the clientele in this area is pretty much above my age bracket – easily most people were in their fifties/sixties, with a distinct blue collar, country feel about them.  In a way, it felt like we were intruding on their home turf.  The exasperated sound of the curt waitresses’ voice after we inquired about what’s on tap, just seemed to explain everything to us – you had to be known and local to really fit in here.

Honestly, after a bit of driving and walking around that morning in both Richmond and Steveston, we were simply in the mood to wet our whistle with a cold one, and on that mark, it fit the bill.  Especially considering the size of their regular pints.  These were easily more of a UK volume pint – 20 oz. With mostly domestic brews on tap, they had a so-so assortment of picks.

Partly in guilt, it was fitting just to get something easy to nibble on as we downed our drinks.  The simple chicken bites fit the bill.  As you can see, nothing outstanding about them and clearly some commercial grade, over battered, mass produced product.

On pretty much an empty stomach, this was a lot of liquid to get down and by the time we got up to leave, and it was clear we probably were wise in not having a second round.  As we departed, a few other older males sauntered in, mixing into the crowd like they were regulars, and they probably were.  No shame felt on our side, as we knew we didn’t fit in and frankly, didn’t really care…

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3 thoughts on “Speed’s Neighbourhood Pub – Delta, BC

  1. I love the cozy feel of this place and every now and then it’s quite nice to feel that you’re “twenty years too early for something”.
    Speed’s is unpretentious and if you take the time to try something other than the most generic thing on the menu you will realize they have some great food, especially for a pub.

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