Sneaky Pete’s vs. Inglewood Pub – Edmonton, AB

Sneaky Pete’s Bar & Grill
12315 118 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB


Inglewood Pub
12402 118 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB

Two days to refresh my first-aid training at the St.John Ambulance centre, and two pubs within viewing distance, meant an opportunity to conduct a head-to-head pub-food battle.  After a long morning of tying splints, we headed across the street to Sneaky Pete’s Bar and Grill.

With only a few patrons at the bar, service was friendly and attentive.  Skipping the tempting option of a liquid lunch, I ordered the steak sandwich special for $9.95.  We were going to ask about the advertised “free lap dance with your beer”, but this was obviously an inside joke, we weren’t privy to.

Our meals arrived quickly, my Montreal steak-spiced, medium-rare sirloin arrived cooked to order, fresh salad, and garlic toast with visible bits of real garlic.  All-in-all, I was quite happy with this lunch so round one was off to a great start!  Good thing my afternoon CPR casualty was made of plastic and couldn’t complain of garlic. 😉

The following day sent us to the Inglewood Pub, located just west of the St. John Ambulance training facility.  A modern looking exterior to this building gave us a good feeling as we made our way over.

Much like the day before, not too many patrons filling the pub at lunchtime so we figured we’d be able to get in/out quickly.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, but the pool tables kept us occupied during the long wait.

The steak sandwich arrived with respectable side of mushrooms, and onion rings;  however, the salad was weak (topped with poorly chopped vegetables – most of which were too small to even pickup with a fork).  The salad dressing was pure oil (figuring the cook forgot to shake the bottle), and the worst of the plate – was the medium-rare steak order, arriving ultra-well done.  When we mentioned this to the server, he shook his head and headed to the kitchen – which was the last we saw of him.

Struggling to finish, and arriving late to class — there is was no question as to the winner.  If you find yourslef in this part of town for lunch – satisfy your meal cravings at Sneaky Pete’s Bar and Grill.

Sneaky Petes Bar & Grill‎ on Urbanspoon

Inglewood Pub on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Sneaky Pete’s vs. Inglewood Pub – Edmonton, AB

  1. These two places must get a lot of default traffic from all the folks who visit SJA’s! I like me a good hearty steak sandwich for lunch at times. I see your bread came on the side, a good thing as a fully soggy garlic bread is never a nice thing.

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