Joe’s Atlantic Grill – Port Moody, BC

Joe’s Atlantic Grill
2410 St. John’s Street
Port Moody, BC
(604) 931-8765

Unfamiliar town.  No map.  One main street.

Sounds like a perfect recipe for either a wonderful random discovery or a tremendous let down.  “Wonder what it will be this time” I thought, after we parked the car and did a quick walk along St. John’s Street.  Passing by the Caribbean-flavoured Rehanah’s Roti, spotting the Filipino Rosario and seeing a ubiquitous Japanese restaurant during our stroll, we quickly nixed the ethnic options for something a little more closer to home.

As we came to Joe’s Atlantic Grill that resides in an older building in this part of Port Moody, on what seems to be the major thoroughfare that cuts through this community, we scanned inside as well as the posted menu by their door and figured it couldn’t hurt.  Some late-morning grub/early lunch was what we wanted and it seemed safe enough.

Cue the bad choices.  First up, my horrifically battered and then burnt fish & chips plate.  Notice the discoloration of the piece on the right.  Filled with air pockets and that nasty hot oil scent that comes from too high a temperature and you can guess what I was thinking – how could they let this come out of their kitchen!?!?!  The crust reminded me of those shrimp-flavoured chips at Asian grocery stores, all air and no substance and brittle as a senior citizen’s hip joint.  The chips were of the processed variety and unseasoned to boot.  The cole slaw a slimy mess that I couldn’t stomach.

My lunch partner fared only slight better than I with their grilled sandwich and soggy side potato hash.  Suffice it to say, we hardly touched our plates, got some refills of our drinks and headed out shaking our heads at the twenty-five dollar loss.

This sad sad meal, ranks right up there with the jaw dropping disappointment faced at Mac Falafel.

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12 thoughts on “Joe’s Atlantic Grill – Port Moody, BC

  1. Does that mean you regret not going to Rehanah’s Roti instead? 😛

    (On that note, I have a post of Rehanah’s Roti in the queue. Hopefully you will be convinced to go!)

  2. You missed the real deals on the road below St. John’s St. The Lone Cypress Cafe and Art Gallery and an Italian place a few blocks away…..can’t remember the name but your nose will take you there.

  3. Thanks for the info. I drive by this place all the time and have never gone in. Doesn’t look so great. I had Rehanah’s Roti once and it was high on potato, light on the chicken – nothing special either !

  4. There’s much more to Port Moody than St. John’s Street although some fantastic food is here, yeah. There’s Clarke (some smallish establishments here, high end places like the tea house, has an island feel), Newport (cool pub and some other chainish spots), Suter Brook area (fab chocolate & tea spot) and Barnet.
    I do want to try Joe’s sometime as I am an East coaster myself and not many folks who even try, do it right here. See, there’s a BIG difference between urbanish and rural Atlantic dishes and the rural/seaside ones are the better and more flavourful of the two and hard to come by in these parts. I find Spanish food very similar in that the chefs who learn the more “provincial”/village cooking just present way better (not to mention fuller) plates!

  5. My experience at Joes Atlantic Grill was different that what you posted. Dropped by mid afternoon, the place was not busy at all. I decided to try the fish and chips. They were excellent – 2 golden thick pieces of fish on a pile of fries. The fish was fresh and tasted really good. You have to try them agina

    • Thanks for sharing your voice BG. I don’t reckon I’ll venture back (PM is a bit out of the way for me), but appreciate another’s thoughts on the place, hopefully its a sign its improved since my disappointing visit…

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