Foodosophy – My Gift to You This Weekend

While I wish I had a stunning review (there are many new restaurants out there worth talking about), a topical subject (the failure to ban Bluefin Tuna exports from the Atlantic for example), or something really interesting to share with you this weekend, I don’t. What I have for you is the gift of perspective.

You see, I’ve temporarily lost my sense of taste. When it will come back, doctors have no idea. 5 days? 10 days? Weeks? Some people report a year or two!

Food has pretty much no appeal to me. I can’t taste anything. I can’t tell if something is salty, or flavourful. I couldnt tell the difference between Batali and Olivieri. Between the tenderness of calf moose, or rotting beef. I can feel textures and acidity – astringent, “warmth”, mushy, firm but there is no taste. I thought i tasted banana today, but i think it was taste memory playing tricks on me. I tried eating garlic – to see if it would kick start my tastebuds. Now the people around me suffer as well.

So appreciate what you have. Great food, or slightly mediocre, a shared meal, or a quiet moment alone with a bowl of soup – appreciate the smell of roasting meat, the freshness of greenery, the warmth of a simmering pot, the bright smells of citrus, and the lowly smells of compost. Because without a sense of smell or taste, there is no enjoyment in food at all. And without enjoyment in food, this bond we all share, whether we agree or disagree on a given review, doesn’t exist. It’s a lonely place, feeling disconnected from something we’re all so passionate about. May you never have to experience it.

10 thoughts on “Foodosophy – My Gift to You This Weekend

  1. Oh what happened? Or are you pulling our legs? LOL! Seriously, I had never heard of this sort of things before but hope to have you back in action soon!

  2. I am certainly you have watched this movie already but I will remind you anyway: does this sound similar to “Eat Drink Man Woman”? Not everything might be physical which will require some medical attention; it could be something else. Similar to the plot of the movie, try to rekindle with what you might have lost. Oh, have you checked an email I sent you recently? 🙂

  3. Sadly, it’s no joke. Infection in my upper throat is impacting my ability to taste somehow.

    KH – i have watched the movie. I don’t have three beautiful daughters to try and rekindle a relationship with, so im not sure how your analogy fits 😉

    As for an email, what address did you send it to? I haven’t received one.

    • I didn’t say it had to be daughters, it could be the love for something. Remember there was that plot twist at the end! Of course, now that you mentioned the root cause of the problem, yeah, not sure if that will still apply…

      I dropped an email to foodosopher at I also dropped an email to shokutsu so he can also fill you up with the details. However, given your condition…

  4. Wow, that sucks…sorry to hear. 😦

    I know I’ve had times where I can’t taste much meself when I was sick, but nothing I’ve had comes close to what you’re saying right now.

  5. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!? next you’ll be telling me you can’t eat 50oz of beautiful asian steak. my world is crashing around me.

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