The 5 Tuns – London, UK

The 5 Tuns Pub & Kitchen
Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport
London, UK
(020) 8283 5065
Hours: 5:30am – last departing flight

And so I was on my way back home to Canada…

Heathrow Airport follows the rigid mold of too many poorly thought out transportation hubs – overpriced and bad food, many tacky souvenir shops and of course long, long lines.  Now normally I’d ease the pain and boredom that comes with waiting for my flight by either a) finding a comfy chair in the Star Alliance lounge or b) hitting the bar.  But since I was flying with BA, option a. was out of the realm of possibility so off I went in a quest for the nearest place to get some suds.  Unfortunately, the week of very little sleep had gotten me down and I was afraid I’d get real sleepy drinking alone and it made me reconsider what I was doing.

With its welcoming feel and design, the 5 Tuns Pub & Kitchen on the top floor level of Terminal 5 was my chosen place to hunker down after my taxi ride in.  I’d asked a security guard what my options were and this seemed the best of the lot.  Frankly, there really isn’t much choice for food and drink outside of the security barrier at the airport where you can still gather with those not going on flights.   There’s a couple more inside past all the screening but not that extraordinary in their offerings and more expensive since they have you trapped inside.  With a football game on the tele, I figured it would do as I arrived with time to spare and needed to get me a bite to eat before dealing with the prolonged formalities of checking in.

Saddling into one of the smaller tables at the back of the space and dropping my backsack on the nearby floor, I asked my cheery server what the Soup of the Day was and said I’d take it.  Your basic tomato with a slice of crusty bread.   For five quid, not the best of bargains or taste, but what can you do.

I suppose I could have gone for something else unique from their starters list, such as the poached hens egg salad with black pudding, or the mussels with cider and cream.  But instead, I thought I’d regret it if I…

… departed from jolly old England without a taste of a f&c.  Or as they called it at 5 Tuns, the “battered fish and chunky chips”.  Accompanied by a small side of crushed peas and tartar sauce.    What arrived from the kitchen was the above pictured plate of a single piece of fish (cod I reckon).  The fries looks something out of a McCain’s frozen bag.

The crust was very light, both in thickness as well as in the golden color.  The meat slightly on the naturally oily side which was fine when cut with the tartar.  Knowing this was far from London’s best, I munched through as my hungry stomach was overruling all decisions to put this down and walk away.

With still time to spare, I had a cup of coffee to round out my airport lunch before maneuvering my way through security and customs.  Ah the joys of international travel.  Up in the air.  It ain’t all glamour…

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3 thoughts on “The 5 Tuns – London, UK

  1. Ah the joys of international travel. Up in the air. It ain’t all glamour…

    QFT. But, then again, airports aren’t that well know for good eats anyway so don’t take it personally!

  2. Next time, go for Gordon Ramsey’s ‘Plane food’ restaurant after checkin. It’s the big surprise at T5: good food at a reasonable price!

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