Gourmet Croissant – Canmore, AB

Gourmet Croissant
101-1205 Bow Valley Tr.
Canmore, AB
(403) 609-4410

I often dream of moving to the mountains, especially to the gorgeous town of Canmore.  I am one of those people who will go out of my way to extend any trip home from Calgary with a jaunt through the Icefields parkway.  Usually it is to take in the serenity of the views, or to make time for a quick hike, but on this particular trip – we made the trip out to Canmore specifically for a Gourmet Croissant.

I first visited this cafe a few years ago while on vacation.  Luckily, we found it early in the week – and made it part of our daily routine while in town.

It has since changed hands, but thankfully there was no noticeable change in quality.  On this particular visit – we noticed a ‘for sale’ sign (best-wishes to the current owners, but my fingers are crossed that it remains the same).  There also seems to be a few other vacancies in the building since our last visit – but we didn’t inquire, assuming the current economy isn’t boding well for tourism worldwide.

Pictured above is a ham & cheese croissant sandwich.  It may seem like a simple dish, but the croissant is so absolutely jaw-droppingly perfect – that it makes me drool for more just thinking about it. Separation of layers, with shockingly crisp outer layers (so crisp and light that my first bite threw shards onto my shoulder),  soft and buttery interior layers, all working together to make an amazing dish.

This apple danish is also a thing of beauty.  The base maintains an amazing crisp texture throughout, with the variety of toppings – none of which dissapoint.  From memory, the pear is still a favorite – but seriously, it’s all good.

I grabbed a few goodies to take back to the city for some friends but I just couldn’t resist, and dove into another croissant when we reached the car.  I think I managed to convince myself that I absolutely had to do this, so I could grab some different angles to photograph  🙂

I am repeating myself, but note the beautiful outer texture, separation of layers between the outer layers, as well as the interior layers (below).  Truly a must try for anyone through this beautiful mountain town.

Note: Everything is baked fresh daily, which essentially translates to first come – first served.

I have missed out (seriously was next in line) following a large take-away order, and have since resorted to calling in advance to place large orders (so I don’t clean them out of stock).  They were more than accomodating to my request for a variety of items including some mind-blowing fruit tarts.

I think that settles it – I’m moving to Canmore…

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5 thoughts on “Gourmet Croissant – Canmore, AB

  1. Canmore is one of the most beautiful, laid-back and charming places in all of Canada, let alone Alberta. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place! I will definitely be making my way here during my next trip out.

  2. Hi!! I had a weird experience there, they didn’t make us any croissant sandwiches, but they did have normal croissants and chocolate croissants we got to choose from. I had the plain, and I giggled when I first saw it. THEN, I took a bite, and it was wonderful!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your information, and hopefully the next time I try it.. I’ll get a yummy sandwich!

  3. My husband & I have always stopped at Gourmet Croissant when we head to points west of Calgary, but last visit April 30,2011 it was closed and completely empty. Wonder how someone else got a croissant May 1?! Did they reopen? Would be nice…

    • Hi Kate, yes, I am currently in Canmore right now and purposely drove by… it looks like the place is for lease… so, there is no more. There doesn’t seem to be any information about it at this time either! 😦

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