Famoso – Edmonton, AB

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria
Downtown: 11750 Jasper Ave
Magrath: 14123 – 23 Ave
South Common: 1437 – 99 St
[All outlets visited on separate visits; photos from Magrath location]
Edmonton, AB

Caputo ’00’ flour from Italy, tomatoes from the Campania region of Southern Italy, fior-di-latte mozzarella ,fresh herbs, and 900F – does make for very good pizza.  The ‘Famoso Story’ tells of their training with the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana but like others in Canada (i.e. Pizza Prima Strada), they have not registered with the VPN.  For Famoso, this could possibly be difficult due to the franchise structure of this organization.

Entering any one of their establishments – first find yourself a table.  Peruse the full menu of salads, flatbread, pagniotielli sandwiches, pizza, gelato and tiramisu imported from Italy.  When you’re ready, proceed to the counter and place your order (remember your table number).

Photographed below is the Prosciutto Arugula, listed under the ‘White Pizzas’ as the sauce is olive oil, garlic and oregano.  The pizza dough truly is outstanding, and when combined with the quality toppings – is truly delicious.

Following the trend of photographing the bottom of the pizza’s here at Foodosophy, here is evidence of the infamous ‘leoparding’ characteristic of this style of pizza cookery.

It would appear as though there is an owner connection between this operation and Wok Box, which could very well poise this franchise to start appearing across Canada shortly.  A good thing for all the pizza lovers out there!

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8 thoughts on “Famoso – Edmonton, AB

  1. Every time I stop in Edmonton, Famoso is on my list. It used to be Tasty Tomato which is still excellent, I just enjoy the Pizza at Famoso too much.

    Soon to open in Calgary!

  2. Edmonton looks to have a far superior pizza scene than Vancouver by the looks of it. Maybe Famoso should send a franchise out here to stir things up a bit.

    Thanks for the upskirt photo…that’s an important data point.

  3. I have to be honest, I think that Famoso is just ok. Sadly, I think what was the best pizza in Edmonton is no longer available. Did you ever go to Da Capo when it was first open? At that time the kitchen was in the good hands of young chef Daniel Costa. Seriously- best pizza i have ever had. And it has ruined me. No Daniel is cooking at pub on Jasper Ave, Red star, and while he is no longer making pizza, he is making lots of other deilicious rustic italian, it’s definitely worth checking out.

    • I concur! It is ok – the best of a bad bunch really. Im hoping that great pizza finds it’s way to Edmonton soon.

  4. H.Peter :
    Every time I stop in Edmonton, Famoso is on my list. It used to be Tasty Tomato which is still excellent, I just enjoy the Pizza at Famoso too much.
    Soon to open in Calgary!

    Whats good at Tasty Tomato?

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  6. Five Famoso franchises will be opening in BC over the next few months – including one in my own neighbourhood of Commercial Dr. Interestingly, they are opening directly across the street from Marcello’s one of the old brick-oven stalwarts.

    • Wow, Vancouver is really exploding with pizza options these past few months and the coming near future! I think you need to do a head-to-head, real time comparison post like you did with the Viet subs Gastro. 🙂

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