Korean BBQ House – Edmonton, AB

Korean BBQ House
6111 – 28 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

As I started writing this post, I noticed that fellow Edmonton blogger ‘eating is the hard part’ was also through this restaurant recently (and quite possibly the same day, a few hours apart).  While he took the adventurous route, we stuck with the better known classics.  Our dinner started with the same trio of banchan: savoury sprouts, sweet daikon, and spicy kimchi — all good.

I have a secret obsession with Pajon, a.k.a. Puchingae.  Shokutsu probably has haunting memories of me dragging him through the streets of Seoul into the wee hours of the night, in my desperate hunt for a quality vendor (with only hours before my flight out).  The hunt in Seoul was a success, but this local option was fairly basic – with green onion, squid, egg and a vinegar based dipping sauce.  It is an acceptable base representation, but sadly not great.

Dolsot Bibimbap was well prepared, each component contributing to the final dish once mixed together with the spicy pepper gochujang.  The hot stone bowl provides plenty of heat to generate those lovely crispy bits of rice, and to cook the raw egg presented atop when mixed.

Bulgalbi, marinated and bbq’d, cross cut short ribs.  Superb.  Beautifully cooked with a nice char, and packed with flavour.  When it comes to Korean BBQ, my preference goes to this cross-cut shortrib (even better is the butterflied ribbon effect with a larger length of bone), as I personally like the tougher connective tissue near the bone.  Am I alone on this one?

The chicken bulgogi was the weakest dish of the evening.  No complaints on its base flavour profile – but it lacked the bbq notes.  I will point out that we fully enjoyed this dish when we cooked it tabletop (alternative option) on a prior visit.

I like this Korean restaurant as it does carry a wide range of dishes not found elsewhere in town.  Quality food, reasonable prices, and friendly service – can’t really ask for more than that.

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3 thoughts on “Korean BBQ House – Edmonton, AB

  1. Only a trio of banchan eh? Out west we usually get at least 4 to 6. I do vividly recall your drunken quest for that food on the mysterious street of Seoul with neither of us having a clue where to find it. Do you prefer yours denser or thinner and crispier?

  2. What timing! It would have been priceless to run into you. And with just one stomach, I’m so happy to see the wider ranger of options you ordered. I agree, this seems like a solid option for Korean food in Edmonton.

  3. Three banchan is one of the higher counts on this part of the city. I recall six at a colleagues home back in the US. Unfortunately can’t recall this level of detail from Seoul with you at the helm pouring drinks. 🙂

    As for the pajeon, the edges were crispy (which I would say is my preference), but the egg seemed to throw it off for me. Maybe a bit more squid, and some shrimp would have brought it closer to my liking.

    Chris, I’m sure we’ll run into each other one of these days. I’ll be sure to introduce myself if I see you snapping away!

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