Pad Thai – Edmonton, AB

Pad Thai Cuisine of Thailand
10159 – 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 437-4858

I have driven past this location on Whyte avenue (just east of the train tracks), a countless number of times in my lifetime.  On a quest to try somewhere new – we stopped in for lunch.

There was a solid lunch crowd already seated in this small little restaurant, so we ordered a couple appetizers right away fearing a slow lunch service.  I was proven wrong – as the food quickly started arriving at the table.  Starting off with an order of spring rolls and satay skewers – the skewers win the appetizer battle.  Spring rolls & sauce were good, but not memorable; however the sweet chili sauce with the satay was a definite winner.  Nothing against the peanut sauce, but it looked unlike any peanut sauce I’ve ever seen and tasted like every other peanut sauce I’ve ever had.

For the mains, we chose the Matasamun Nua ( stewed beef curry with peanuts) and the Pad Kee Mao (Flat noodles with chicken, seafood, vegetables).  Comparing these two dishes – the latter wins, as the Matsamun was runny, watered down, and was unfortunately a complete miss.

The Pad Kee Mao was seasoned very well, complete with a mix of chicken, shrimp, vegetables (bean sprouts and cabbage) and a side of crushed peanuts.  Noodles retained a nice bite and texture, while the overall balance of flavours was surprisingly good.  I would come back again, for this dish.

At the end of the lunch break, we had found two winners and two losers.  I did enjoy the two winners enough to give this place another try, and will see if I can break this tie.

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3 thoughts on “Pad Thai – Edmonton, AB

  1. SO! This is Pad Thai of Edmonton. They are the same people behind the two Tangthai restaurants in Vancouver. It is good to see your review here.

  2. Thanks for the peak inside (and dish suggestions). This has to be one of the most walked by restaurants, and like you, I’ve just never made it in. I think this is a sign to finally take the plunge.

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