Honey’s Bistro – Coquitlam, BC

Honey’s Bistro
101-403 North Road
Coquitlam, BC
(604) 936-2131

Yangnyeom Chicken is something I’ve discovered previously at Mexican Chicken Hof, and had neglected to follow up on at another nearby establishment that I was aware served it as well, until now.  Honey’s Bistro is literally just up the street on the other side of Lougheed Highway, and I would say is a more visually common setting of what one might expect of a Korean Hof, albeit a slightly dated one. Part western, part eastern, it strides that unusual balance between these two worlds, though Honey’s leans slightly more to the west, and my guess is that it used to formerly be a more Canadian-style pub or eating house.  The main thing though that gives the Korean-ness of it away are the flat panel displays on the walls, showing popular Korean tv and music programs.

Despite already haven eaten dinner nearby (a future post), I decided to pick up a box of fried chicken wings and drumettes- minus the sauce – to go.   I wanted to first taste their chicken straight-up before considering coming back for the Yangnyeom version. Not surprisingly, I ended up eating some of it when I got home (and the rest the next day) despite having had dinner already.  So much for dieting.

Freshly made, it was a short wait inside before my order was ready to go.  No resting under heat lamps like at Church’s or KFC here.  Released from the plastic bag, I discovered they had included the free side of diced and pickled daikon –  a refreshing taste to compliment the deep fried chicken.  I suppose, the Asian version of coleslaw?

First impressions visually.  A different “crust” from that of Mexican Chicken Hof.  Drier, brittler, flakier I’d say.  Corn starch-based perhaps?  The meat inside was tasty and moist, still releasing the heat having just been made.  I’d say these probably would taste better dressed with the sweet-spicy sauce.  Alas, it was not a complete loss as on its own, it was still delicious, though personally I’d prefer the other place based on this head-to-head comparison of the “naked” version.

Honey's Bistro & Coffee on Urbanspoon

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