Lhy Thai – Burnaby, BC

Lhy Thai
7357 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC
(604) 526-8085

September 2010 re-visit post here

Original post below:

Simple, honest food without pretense but with the tasty flair that only the cuisine of southeast Asia can provide is something that I’ve had a craving for lately, as its been much too long since my last visit to that part of the world (sadly, over a year ago now)…

Located in a dilapidated building along Edmonds Street, very close to the new Burnaby Public Library, is this quaint space known as Lhy Thai, that served as a quick fix for me recently.   Inside, the dining quarters are cramped to say the least and you won’t be coming here for the decor.  Coupled with the widely unnecessary array of low quality posters that could easily be mistaken for being ripped out of some promotional material for Tourism Thailand encased in cheap frames all over the walls, and the stacks of books near the bar enclosure, and the place feels even more claustrophobic.  Where I was seated, I had a decent view into the kitchen area, which I noted was staffed by all female, Thai-speaking cooks.

The menu offerings are upfront Thai favorites and quite extensive in the evening booklet.  Lunch however is where the real value comes into play.  With close to two dozen menu items to choose from, and all under seven dollars, this is a fantastic, budget friendly restaurant to get a mid-day meal.  Too bad its so far away from anything.  In hindsight, this is probably why the owner is able to keep the prices at such an appealing level.  Either way, yours truly was pleased with the cost structure, and I made an easy choice from one of the three special curry combination plates.

This particular combo came with a single stick of pork satay, pre-dipped in a too-sweet peanut sauce, and was nothing to be excited about; and the deep-fried spring roll was also fairly standard (a dollop of sweet/sour sauce was on it – urgh).  The pickled slices of cucumber provided refreshing, palate-cleansing interruptions to the two richer side items that began my meal. Where my eyes and heart was focused on however was the tiny bowl of green chicken curry.  Loaded with an assortment of vegetables, all causing me to think that the portion size was deceptively more filling than it appeared… and it was.

Crisp slivers of red bell peppers and bamboo shoots, coupled with a few pieces of chicken breast meat, filled the container of liquidy green curry soup.  I tend to find that green curry is often particularly runny depending on where you have it made, but I think a thinner consistency helps in building and clearly showcasing all of the delicate taste profiles of this popular dish.  Drizzling a spoonful over what is bland steamed rice and eating it, and you can note the built-in flavors of the curry from just this small amount.  I enjoyed Lyh Thai’s green curry, and based on this alone, I’d say I came away from my lunch a happy customer.

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2 thoughts on “Lhy Thai – Burnaby, BC

    • Truly did, the curry anyhow. Solid on value points for sure. Debated ordering a noodle dish to take away for later just to get more insights into their food, but decided not to bother as the kitchen was getting slammed by the time I was about to leave.

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