The Hot Dog Corner (Crossroads Market) – Calgary, AB

The Hot Dog Corner
c/o Crossroads Market
1235 26 Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB

Potato slices.
Fried crisp and golden, salted
Tantalizing taste

Potato chips. The under appreciated younger sibling of the french fry. Thinly sliced, crisp, lightly salted, with a satisfying crunch. Surprisingly enough, they are not all that difficult to make at home. A good oil thermometer and a mandolin pretty much do the trick. Yet, unlike the french fry, they are difficult to find fresh. My favorite in Calgary may have been L’Epicerie, though sadly, Dominique no longer makes them. I was ecstatic to find out that they do serve them at the Hot Dog Corner in the Crossroads Market.

Right in the middle of the food court in Crossroads market, I’ve never seen much of a lineup at The Hot Dog Corner. Loaded with odds and ends, they definitely try to offer a lot of different things that might be missing at other vendors. However, they do serve fresh chips. Fresh being a relative term. To be honest, they are pretty hit and miss – depending on how long ago they were fried. They sit under heat lamps after frying. A few hours doesnt seem to affect the outcome too badly. When they’ve been sitting out all day, or as i’ve suspected in the past when they are pre-boxed, maybe multiple days, they really suffer. However, when they are good, they are quite good. A little inconsistent on the seasoning, but crunchy, not too oily, crisp bites of potato goodness.

Odd, Hot Dog Corner serves smokies!
They vary in size, shape and price
I’ve tried them, but would not twice
Yes, my potato chip poem is hokey.

Go for the potato chips if you can
Hope they are fresh and new
Otherwise, they’ll be soggy too
And not worth filling the van

Oh potato chips you are great
Underestimated, crisp and light
Though you may have too much oil
In gold you are worth your weight
Regardless of potatoes yellow or white
You help me forget this mortal coil.

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5 thoughts on “The Hot Dog Corner (Crossroads Market) – Calgary, AB

  1. There once was a poem-slash-review
    That was really quite something new
    It spoke of a quest
    For chips to digest
    And contained a short homage too.

    • Didnt know that. Great info H.P! Any other gems in Crossroads market? I like the cheese place – fairly affordable for good quality cheese. Chongo’s sometimes has some good deals too.

  2. Let’s see. The Hungarian stand there makes some good Gulasch Soup, in the summer, outside is another Hungarian Deli, they have some cured pork. Turkish food is great as well.

    I agree on the cheese vendor. Overall, I find Crossroads more “approachable” than other Farmers’ markets in town.

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