Everyday Sushi Bar – Vancouver, BC

Everyday Sushi Bar (formerly Samurai Sushi Bar, formerly Wonder Sushi Land)
4572 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 228-9266

What’s in a name?

This place became known as Samurai Sushi Bar back in the late-fall, complete with a new exterior signage and menu.   My visit to it was based on when it was known as this.

But a few weeks later the same restaurant was re-branded as Everyday Sushi Bar.

Three names within a month, not a good omen I’d say.

The sudden swap made me wonder, was it a copyright issue?  After all, this place is trading on that name already in the GVA.  I guess you can’t get anymore generic than dumping “everyday” into your title.  So perhaps they can avoid any more lawsuits…

Regardless, when I asked the new owners of the then-Samurai Sushi Bar, how they came to get the keys to the palace, she mentioned they bought out the previous proprietors.  I’d noticed not much had changed inside the place, though the menu had been revamped, and heavy on the maki (rolls).  As she asked if I’d been here before (the previous place), I replied yes and she emphatically told me I’d like the new version better.  We’ll see…

With a take away order in mind for some folks that I was dropping by to visit, and who I know their kids like maki, I went against my usual grain and ordered some of their strange creations.  Heck, they even had a UBC Roll!  As hand-made looking as it was, these color photo and description added sheets of the maki were helpful.  Sure must save any server’s time in having to respond to that “what’s in it?” question.

As you can see, some of these massive maki that are so popular with many people in Canada are loaded and doused with Japanese mayonnaise.  [Insert shaking head here].   Take this Dragon Roll ($8.95) for example, its topped messily with tobiko (flying fish roe) to boot!  Difficult to eat, dropping all over the place especially when poorly put together, I don’t see the appeal of things like this.  Too big to fit into your mouth in one bite and even if you do, you leave no room to breathe and appreciate the flavor.

Next up, the House Roll ($10.50).  Again, “imitation” is the key word, just look at what encompassed the majority of the filler here.  The Negiroro Maki ($2.50) on the right was the only sign of normality, and even still, was not very tasty I must sadly report.

Given that I’d previously gotten nigiri at Wonder Sushi Land, I figured I had to get some here for comparison’s sake.  Not bad looking you’re probably saying, and that’s true.  Generous cuts as well.  Unfortunately what lost me was the sushi rice contained underneath, which was an issue with the above maki as well.  It was missing that fine balance of the rice vinegar, almost to the point where it could have been completely forgotten.  And the texture of the rice was much too soft.  Honestly, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I preferred the Wonder Sushi Land variety over this.

Bargain-priced sushi on the far west side, not something that’s strong on the quality, but undoubtedly popular with the kids on campus…

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4 thoughts on “Everyday Sushi Bar – Vancouver, BC

  1. very interesting review I must say! but there are 2 things that I don’t really agree with on this review.

    First. The comment about the fine balance of the vinegar. I’ve also been to the previous wonder sushi land but I find that their vinegar was too strong in the rice. There was simply too much sourness in the rice. So, the Everyday Sushi sushi rice, i find, is just perfect! But, I guess that is just personal taste. Some people like their rice more sour some like their rice less.

    Secondly. The comment about the “massive maki” being too big and hard to eat. The Dragon Roll or any of the other Chef Recommendation rolls that I have tried are not that big in terms of size per piece. And are therefore not hard to eat in one bite. In fact all of the special Chef Recommendation rolls are cut into 8 pieces instead of the usual six. I think they probably made the length of the sushi roll longer but the height shorter in order to reduce the size height of the individual sushi piece in order to make it easier to fit into the mouth.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

      The issue with the balance of the rice flavouring I had was just that. It just tasted flat, not even the spikes of one of the taste factors (sweet, sour) that you can get from a badly prepped batch. If you like your sushi rice muted, I think Everyday and the horrific Mio down on campus which doesn’t season their rice at all, are more up your alley. Again, a personal preference, but I rate the importance of a well prepared sushi rice high on my list when evaluating my sushi experiences.

      As I’d mentioned in my post, I’m not a fan of maki in general. No matter how you cut it, the girth and general messiness/tendency to crumble apart, doesn’t make eating these a pleasant experience. I’m quite sure there is no “adjustment” being made here at Everyday in terms of the girth and length of their rolls, you can cut them up in how ever many pieces you want, you’ll still get the same “too big for one bite” result, unless you happen to have a really wide mouth. 🙂

  2. Well after reading this review and the subsequent comments I decided to place an order and see for myself. I figured, if all else fails and it’s ‘massive maki’, I’ll just ask them to double-slice next time.

    I ordered the Philadelphia Roll, a California Roll, Ebi Sunomono and Gyoza. The delivery was quick (30 minutes).

    To address the concern re: Maki Size- The sushi was PERFECTLY sized. Not only was it perfectly sized to easily fit in the mouth (with air!), it was neatly arranged in the container, the ‘mayo drizzle’ was minor, neat and tidy- as was the tobiko. Oh, and the loose application of tobiko is pretty common now.

    As for the ‘rice vinegar’ balance issue in the sunomono- yes I’d say it’s off. It’s a bit too weak.

    The Gyoza was crispy and tastey, and not ‘mystery tough’ like a lot of the prepared-from-frozen gyoza sushi places seem to be using these days.

  3. I think too much emphasis is being given to its bad points. i also realize its been a while since this review has been written, so much could have changed since then.

    First of all this isnt a fancy eat-in sushi restaurant. They deliver to UBC. Its main market is college students who want to have gratuitous amounts of good-quality sushi without spending too much money, and thats exactly what they provide. i mean 10 pieces of nigiri for 9.99? thats a ‘wow’ right there. and it isnt suspicious smelling tiny cuts of fish topped onto machine-cut pieces of rice, (like the ones you get from ‘express’ stands in foodcourts)

    You’ll get much more than your money’s worth. Don’t let the cheap price deter you, the food is above-average quality. highly recommended.

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