Rasoee – Vancouver, BC

104 – 2138 Western Parkway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 221-9355

Classes are out for the winter break at UBC.  Though I’m sure there are some who have to stay behind and get through the end of year festivities on their own for whatever and various reasons.  Instead of a hearty turkey dinner with family, I’m sure some might make their way to University Village, for whatever might be open to serve those unfortunate souls spending this week on their own…

In November, Rasoee set up shop in a former video rental store space.  Its a quick and easy, mainly take away franchise chain with origins in Toronto.  Over the last seven years, it has expanded to other cities out east (Burlington, ON), as well as out here in the western provinces (Calgary, Edmonton, Whistler and Vancouver).  This particular location has a very small counter where you could eat your meal in-house so to speak.

As a newcomer to the lunch scene here, I decided to give Rasoee a try, picking up a two-curry combo.  Price-wise, I believe it rang in on the high side of about $12.  As I arrived at the noon hour, the place was reasonably full of people thinking the same thing as me.

One of which was their chicken curry.  The other, a chana masala.  It came with a very small cup of salad and basmati rice.

This single slice of regular naan was extra (charge of $2.29).  Slightly more “doughy” than I prefer.

I made the mistake of not asking for the heat to be jacked up, as both curries were very bland and had no fire to them whatsoever.  The chick peas were too soft and chalky as well. If this is the consistency that a chain establishment produces, I really don’t think I’ll be back.  I wish someone could come up with some really delicious, fast, Indian curry place for people wanting this food to go.

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2 thoughts on “Rasoee – Vancouver, BC

  1. While it does not look bad, it does not look good either. And that is not even considering the $12 charge! I haven’t been to UBC in a long while (last time was in spring for the Japanese garden) but I am sure there are other better options. Now…

    those unfortunate souls spending this week on their own…

    Hey, you hurt my feelings!

  2. If I may be smug here, perhaps its my pictures that “make” these curries look “good”. I had great natural light from my dining room that day I shot them. 🙂

    For a recommendation on campus, the only one I could put forth for you to try is the Sage Bistro (https://foodosophy.wordpress.com/2008/06/18/sage-bistro-vancouver-bc/).

    Though I’ve almost gone on several occasions but things got in the way, I’ve heard positive things about the Green College Dining Society which hosts dinners five nights a week for a reasonable $16/person for non-UBC students. Advanced bookings and ticket purchases are recommended. I’m quite sure this one is well “off the grid” and “underground” in terms of awareness, much like 12B.

    I’m off to one of several family and friends dinners now, that I’ll be attending this week. Hope you find someone to keep you company, this time of year sucks to be spending alone…

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