Fish Café – Vancouver, BC

Fish Café
2053 W 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 267-3474

The impetus for a repeat visit to the Fish Café in Kerrisdale was the result of a horrible bowl of pho nearby for lunch.  I just couldn’t let my afternoon continue on that low note, so crossing the street I decided to give this place another try.  Back in May on my virgin visit, this is the comment I made on Urban Spoon.

“If you enjoy your F&C on the lighter side, with a fluffier texture to the batter (deep fried), then this place might suit you, but for me, it just didn’t work. Tearing through the crust took no effort with a fork, and the halibut inside soon found its way all over the place in my basket. Chips were good however. For about $18 for a two piece set, perhaps a touch on the pricey side as well. A steady stream of customers at the start of the dinner hour, suggested to me its a popular place for a quick meal.”

When I stepped back in and saw their chalkboard menu board, I was tempted to try their fish & chips again…

But instead, having ingested a half bowl of Vietnamese noodles just ten minutes prior, I felt the need to indulge in some other greasy, deep fried goodness.  My takeaway order was made up the above pictured calamari, and their halibut Fish Café Burger.   The former suffered from the further ten minute car ride back to my abode as the moisture arising from the enclosed boxed container seemed to soften the exterior crispiness of each ring.  As in my earlier comment on the fish & chips, this calamari was on the light side, and I knew that my first experience with their frying style was no aberration.  Again, a personal preference, but this was just too “delicate” for my tastes and underseasoned.

You’ve all had a Filet-O-Fish, admit it.  That unusual, non-beef patty creation by the golden arches came to mind as I split this burger in two, albeit minus that slice of processed cheese.

Next on the fast food slogan list that popped into my mind was “where’s the beef”.  Or rather, the fish.

Just a few pieces of battered halibut, very much like the f&c version I’d had before, only broken up and slathered with tartar sauce already inside.  Only this time, I admit the overall softness of the exterior worked in this sandwich form.  The accompanying chips were again hearty and good.  I think the crispiness of them is much better than their fish.

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11 thoughts on “Fish Café – Vancouver, BC

  1. The fries do look good 🙂
    Question about the calamari – ok, the batter wasnt to your liking, though it’s hard to tell spending 10 minutes in a sealed box, but how was the squid itself? Was it tough and chewy, or was it firm, yet “soft” and easy to bite through? Fresh cut (looks like it), or previously frozen?

    • Squid itself was just fine, tender much like the breading and not rubbery at all. It took a while to prepare and I was watching from the bar into the kitchen as best I could and believe it was fresh cut judging from the sounds I heard.

      • Sounds like a pretty good Calamari to be then. Im curious what kind of oil they fry it in…

        I think your review is unnecessarily harsh on the calamari 🙂

        • No idea on the oil, sorry. I just know they do it on the low heat side of things.

          I was just thinking more of this calamari, and realized there were no tentacles. Maybe that’s why I was let down by it, I love the tube and tentacles combination in my calamari…

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