Masalaz – Edmonton, AB

Masalaz Restaurant
4218 – 66 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 484 – 0582

Hidden out of view from 66 Street, just a short distance south of Whitemud, is a fantastic restaurant serving both South Indian and Caribbean dishes.  Curious as to what sparked the mixed menu – our server explained that many of the original Caribbean items stayed on the menu when the new owners took over.

With heavy Indian influence in Caribbean cuisine, many of the spices are similar but we were told that their Caribbean menu items differ mostly by the use of potatoes in the curries, and the use of cinnamon and cardamom in the spice mix.


The signage out front was highlighting the dosa, which is a rice flour crepe, and the idli pictured below as the white coloured, steamed cake of lentils and rice.  Served with a bowl of sambar (vegetable stew), and a small dish of coconut chutney.  I have made the trek to this restaurant just for this dish alone.

The dosa is perfectly crisp, and in this platter – wrapped around a scoop of spiced potatoes (similar to the filling found in their vegetable samosa).  The coconut chutney is fantastic addition to the dosa, and even better when dipped or used to scoop out the sambar.

The idli carries a pleasant sour tone, due to the fermentation process it undergoes prior to being steamed, reminicent of sourdough bread – but with a slightly gritty texture.  Anything which helps sop up this bowl of sambar – works for me!

If I am not mistaken, this platter is vegetarian friendly – for those who take this into consideration.


The samosa pictured here were also fantastic.  Plenty of flavour, with enough spice-heat to make it interesting – without blowing out any taste-buds.


Flipping over to the page of Caribbean options, we ordered the Beef Curry. As noted earlier, containing plenty of potato with the chunks of beef to make for a hearty lunch.  Above average for  my heat-threshold, but was still very well balanced, providing a hearty beef flavour within the spicy curry mix.


Optional choice of rice or roti with each entree, we chose the latter.


In past visits, I have had the pleasure of enjoying the king fish, and other S.Indian curries – but yet to try their jerk chicken.  I am sure it won’t be long before I am back to give this a try!

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7 thoughts on “Masalaz – Edmonton, AB

  1. That dosa looks quite long. Curious how much of it was “dead air” space? A while ago, at a dosa specialty spot here in Vancouver, I was a bit disappointed by how ’empty” most of the “wrap” was.

  2. Yes it was a big dosa, with the filling approximately equal in size to the bowl of sambar. I guess would have never expected it to be “full” (as that would be quite the portion of potato), but there was plenty of the other sides to go the distance.

  3. I found the location of this restaurant in an awkward place. I even suggested them once to move to a better known place. They didn’t do that.. Now they have competition from recently opened restaurant “Kathir” at 34 Ave..haha Which is very well accessible for me and all those who go for buying Indian groceries. The price is competitive too.

  4. Good call on this place…I really liked the thalis I had here. Get the thali…you won’t be disappointed.

    • Sorry I’m so late in responding as well, I just stumbled upon this thread again.

      I had a couple thalis there last time I was in Edmonton. They came with the usual suspects of sambar, rasam, a huge pile of rice, papadam, roti, vegetable curries, pickle, chutney, and a sweet. The one curry that really stood out was this mysterious thick paste of basically…like onions and tomatoes with a fenugreek heavy spice mix. It had a completely unique and very delicious savory flavor, almost like a pickle or chutney. I have had similar dishes elsewhere, but nothing quite like that. Other highlights were a delicious fruit and coconut chutney/curry of some sort (which I think was made with canned jackfruit), and several other unique vegetable curries. I really enjoyed the food there and would go regularly if I lived in Edmonton. This place was/is a very nice example of south indian cooking. Places like this serve unique house specialties that you will not see anywhere else, and are well worth the patronage.

  5. We had a bad experience as the food was stale and the service was pathetic.The owner definitely needs training in customer service.
    Overall not worth the money.

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