Grannan’s – St. John, NB

Grannan’s Seafood Restaurant
1 Market Square
St. John, NB E2L 4S6
(506) 634 – 1555

We happened to come across Grannan’s as we were exploring the water-front next to Market Square in the historic downtown of St. John, NB.  A seafood restaurant located on the water – should be good, right?


The menu was a little confusing, as the options were all over the map: Thai shrimp, Cajun calamari, spanakopita, mozza sticks,  seafood crepe, maple curry pasta, and an assortment of steaks, seafood and sandwiches. Ultimately, we figured the ‘Grannan Signatures’ would be the safest bet.

Seafarers Platter ($38.79)
Scrod, Atlantic salmon, half of a Fundy Bay lobster,  broiled Digby scallops and shrimp.


The lobster and shrimp were fine, the scallops and scrod were bland, but the salmon was overcooked, rock-solid and just awful.

Seafood Brochette ($43.99)
Freshly shucked lobster, scallops and shrimp in a white wine mushroom sauce flambéd at the table.



Oh my, this was embarrasing and disturbing to watch.  The ‘cook’ rolled up to the table with a portable table-top burner and proceeded to cook my dinner. No interaction – just rolls up to the table and begins without saying a word.

Armed with a spoon and a cold skillet, he begins with the mushrooms.  One by one, turning the mushrooms on the skillet with his spoon (note – skillet is still cold as the butter hasn’t begun melting yet).  After watching this painfully slow exercise, he adds the shrimp.  Clumsily using his spoon, manipulates them in various positions to warm them up.  Next, he attempts to slide the (pre-cooked) lobster into the skillet, but had trouble sliding it off the platter.  So, he positions the spoon under the lobster and uses his thumb in tandem for a makeshift pair of tongs!  Finally, pours in the wine – and finally after a few attempts – manages to make the flame catch. The result – unseasoned mushrooms and shellfish.

This tourist trap caught us, don’t let it get you.

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3 thoughts on “Grannan’s – St. John, NB

  1. Augh, Im so sorry this happened to you. As a Saint Johner living in Edmonton I am all familiar with the Grannan chain (they own about 5 restaurants in the uptown area) and i know their seafood is below par. Next time you are in that area, please let me recommend some places that will leave you jolly and full!

    • That would be very much appreciated Apple Brie! Im sure some of our readers would love to know (i know i would) – any suggestions off the top of your head?

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