XOCOCAVA – Toronto, ON

1560 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON

Located just a few yards off Younge and tucked out of view is a tiny chocolatier called XOCOCAVA.  I must thank a good friend of mine who sent me here, but I sure wish he had given me a little better directions than “Younge and St.Clair”.


As this was my first time walking into this establishment – my eyes were fixated on trying to understand what resembled a  ‘periodic table’ of chocolate truffles.  Once I managed to figure this out, I was faced with the larger decision of beverages, pastries, candies, ice cream and sorbets.


We started with a couple cups of Hot Xocolata.  As expected, this carried a slightly bitter cocoa flavour which I enjoyed (while my wife was less thrilled).

This gave us a little bit of time to debate a selection of  five truffles to take away.  Categorized into: Spanish, Savoury, Wild, Exotic and Classic (each with five unique flavours) – we decided to choose one from each category ($10).  Before I release our list – peruse the menu to see what you would choose…


XO: Chorizo ( you read correct – pork sausage! )
OA: Salted Caramel ( salty-sweet )
CX: Cedar ( just like my deck )
AO: Masala Chai ( spiced goodness)
VA: Raspberry ( classic – as categorized)

Each truffle measuring about one square inch, represented the descriptive flavour exactly.  Stamped with the two-letter code  on the underside of each truffle, we had fun sampling each before matching it to the code.  My favorite was the OA, and the wife preferred the AO, which confirmed – she is my polar opposite.


Definitely an interesting twist on your local candy store.

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8 thoughts on “XOCOCAVA – Toronto, ON

  1. Salted Caramel would have been my choice too I think. Something about how salt re-balances super sweet things – especially in chocolate and caramel. It goes from cloying to delicious with the addition of salt.

    Interesting things are happening in the chocolate world. It seems to be going through a “third wave” like coffee did (and wine decades back).

    Single-origin beans, interestingly juxtaposed flavour combinations, artisanal drinking chocolate, grown-up candybars, etc. One of the most interesting treats I have had recently was a bacon-chocolate fudge served at Fuel here in Vancouver.

  2. @gastro: You are the second person to mention the pairing of bacon & chocolate to me. I guess I’ve been missing out!

    @shokutsu: I did ponder the preserved lemon – figuring it might be similar to the salted lemonade drink, you find on some Vietnamese menus.

    I think they should add a ‘fermented’ category: creme fraiche, fish sauce, kim chi, natto, miso. 🙂

    • This new category you suggest, I think would be the most “challenging” for shoppers to accept or try. 🙂 I mean, even the Foodosopher who can eat just about anything, cringes at natto. 🙂

    • I just had the Vosges Bacon Chocolate bar (http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/category/bacon_and_chocolate). I thought it was interesting but definitely not something I would have a craving for. It had pieces of bacon mixed with milk chocolate and gave it a very smokey, salty flavor. I was hoping for a slice of bacon dipped in chocolate. I think more bacon, less chocolate would be better :).

      I’ve also tried the green tea chocolate bar and the Red Fire bar. If you are flying through Chicago O’Hare, you should stop by and pick up a bar or two.

      • prefectionist – i had this last week in NYC! I really enjoyed it. A great salt sweet kind of vibe.

        Great minds must think a like 🙂

  3. This is a great place that has so many wonderful choices of ice cream, ices, and so much more and the Madagascar chocolate with only water and chocolate is amazing as well at the Pistachio which is incredible all natural and worth every penny! I am a real foodie and it was worth it.

  4. Just received a box as a gift frpm my son in TO…very thrilled. I am a strict dark chocolate kind of gal but will compromise my standards by indulging in the milky offerings! Guessed the Preserved emon, moved on the another & think it may have been a Black Olive? Didn’t think to look on the bottom for a code..so perhaps I will never know for sure!. Thanks for the tip.

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