foodography – oysters only

The second in this newly launched segment on foodosophy.  Showcasing the wonderful variety of fresh oysters procured on a recent visit to Lobster Man on Granville Island (Vancouver).

A total of eight varieties, two of each.

Shucked and photographed at home by yours truly.


6 thoughts on “foodography – oysters only

  1. I believe the last one of the bunch are the South Lake Oysters from PEI. I picked up a half dozen on Saturday and had to go back for more on Sunday… Fantastic salty goodness! Sea urchins are also in season so I picked up a couple of green sea urchins. Definitely worth the visit.

    • Thanks for supplying one of the names, I couldn’t remember them all and decided in the interests of this style of post, to limit any more text. 🙂 I did enjoy the very smallest ones, Petit something or other, as they were quite flavourful too. When I was there, there was only one sea urchin left in the tray that morning, so they seemed popular.

  2. What kind of oysters were those? I just wrote my post on oysters as well! I had mine at So.cial at le Magasin. My favourite oyster thus far is the Kusshi…love those little guys! Are the small oysters you have on your plate the Kusshi ones too?

    • Unfortunately in my haste to grab almost every kind they had on hand, I didn’t note which was which. I do recall though I deliberately did not pick the Kusshi variety, as I’ve had those before. I’ll have to revisit and take better notes and post here. 🙂

      When it comes to fresh oysters, I’m more apt to go buy and shuck my own rather than eat out. So much cheaper and I can eat so much more. 🙂

  3. Last Sunday they had Golden Mantle, Fanny Bay, Village Bay, Malpeque, Kunimoto, South Lake and Kusshi’s. I’m not sure which ones are which in the pics though.

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