What a Bakery – Toronto, ON

What a Bakery
875 Milner Ave
Toronto, ON

Once upon a time, my wife worked at a bakery to help out a friend.  Waking up at 2am to GO to work was absolutely mind-boggling, but I sure enjoyed waking up to a fresh loaf of bread, and the occasional treat.  As we started our journey out of Toronto, we turned off the highway for a coffee in the suburb of Scarborough – and happened to come across this bakery.


I’ve written in the past about my love of cornbread, and this cornbread muffin ranks as one my favorites.  My second choice for the road, was the cinnamon twist (figured it would be easy to eat while driving).  Both were superb.


My wife chose the apple strudel, and chocolate croissant.  Again, both of these were top-notch in flavour and quality.  The apple filling was excellent (not your generic cubed apple filling), but more of a thick, chunky, apple sauce – within a light, flaky, pastry shell.  The chocolate croissant was perfect, buttery & light, reminding us of Paris.


My belly thanks you, both for the outstanding treats – and for being out of daily reach.  Another great and lucky find on our trip!

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4 thoughts on “What a Bakery – Toronto, ON

  1. Driving around with a flaky pastry in hand, always makes for a messy front seat. 🙂 Visually, among those you shot here, the apple strudel looks the most appetizing and would have been my call.

  2. My favourites are the custard tarts. Which are not included in these pictures. The custard tart has a nice, thin and crunchy crust surrounding the actual main part of the tart. On the inside is a jelly, sweet, delicious filling that will make your mouth feel delighted.

  3. When I discovered that there was a new bakery in Scarborough, I was stoked, especially since it was cafe-style, as in serving desserts and not just bread. My brother and/or I go there at least twice a month, and the lady who’s always there is so friendly. We always end up buying a whole bunch of stuff because we simply cannot choose!!
    Nanaimo bar – so yummy and creamy
    brownie/mini chocolate mousse – good for a chocolate fix
    carrot cake – very nicely spiced, not overwhelmingly sweet
    eclair – lovely cream filling
    upside-down pineapple cake – light and fluffy, not too sweet
    their cookies are great, they even have half-and-half cookies!!

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