McDonalds – Antigonish, NS

McDonalds Restaurant
37 James Street
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
(902) 863-4484

After a ferry ride across the Northumberland Strait from PEI to Nova Scotia, we continued to head east towards Cape Breton Island.  As we approached the city of Antigonish, we saw a sign for the McLobster.


I have a rule when travelling:  Never eat at a chain which I can find back home.  This was the FIRST time that I have ever broken my rule, as my curiosity just got the better of me.


A standard issue hot-dog bun, stuffed mostly with lettuce, and dressed with Atlantic lobster, celery, and mayo.  I did fully expect something akin to artificial ‘krab’, but all the posted signs stated ‘Atlantic Lobster’.

No different from my prior experiences – the lobster failed to make any flavour impact, as the mayo dominated.  After we each took a bite, we just resorted to picking at the lobster and binned the rest.

Lesson learned – never break your own rules.

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8 thoughts on “McDonalds – Antigonish, NS

  1. I also have a rule – i try the local specialty at the McDonalds in every country and region i go to! It’s totally cool to see all the differences. Im going to give it a shot next time. How much was it??

    • I’m sorry Foodosopher, but the receipt got binned with the lettuce & bun. I remember paying with a twenty, and got a handful of coins back.

      Curious what your McFavorite has been from your travels?

      • McEbi was good. The McPork was not.
        Other faves…umm, i liked McOxtail soup in Taiwan. McChicken Wings in Riga. McSpinach pie in Bangkok was really good too. McPoutine in Montreal 🙂

        But the best? McBeer. Germany. YUM.

  2. Hmm, the Mickey D’s dilemma. As much as I hate this franchise, on foreign trips, I probably do fall into the crowd that falls for the curiosity and tries out the local menu item.

  3. I saw that also on my trip two years ago to Halifax/Sydney. I thought it was hilarious! However, I did not try it as I was with others (business reasons) and we chose to go to other places for dinner.

    If I am in a somewhat long trip, I won’t mind trying such local “specialty”; however, other than the McLobster, I don’t remember I have been to place where there is a notable item listed from the outside.

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