foodography – seventh annual Canadian barista championships

Welcome to a new segment here on foodosophy, where less text and more visuals will dominate. In fact, its this ‘foodography’ that initially helped shape the very concept and birth of our blog.

The first series is a collection of images shot at this recent event held in Vancouver, which saw Vancouver barista Kyle Straw of Caffè Artigiano take the title, and earn the right to compete at the world competition to be held next year in London.

Hope you enjoy it!


8 thoughts on “foodography – seventh annual Canadian barista championships

    • I think it rolls off the tongue quite well, but that’s just me. 🙂

      I’ve got tons more from the event, but this set contained the ones I felt turned out best and represented the various stages of preparation and a wide range of competitors.

      By more photos, do you mean you’d like to see more from this event, in future regular restaurant visit posts, or more photo-dedicated posts such as this one? Your feedback is appreciated.

  1. I love pictures, but would appreciate some commentary so I know what I’m looking at. Was the winner in any of them?

    I wanted to attend the coffe and tea convention but it was closed to the public. So sad.

    How did you manage to get into it?

    • Thanks for the feedback. Will consider as we explore future photo-centric posts along this “foodography” theme. As to your first question, no, the final winner is not pictured in any of the images above, as I spent his session just watching and not photographing. For access, I had the luck of having a generous benefactor who enabled me to enter with a free pass.

  2. I would love to do wordless photo essays. Pictures do speak a thousand words.

    I never did make it out to the Championships despite having a pass. My schedule just didn’t permit. The winner was Kyle Straw from Artigiano. His signature drink sounds very interesting – an inspired take on Black Forest Cake.

    • Fantastic, hope you can contribute to this sub-theme. 🙂

      I witnessed his performance in the preliminary round. Unfortunately by then, I was quite tuckered out and didn’t take any pics. I definitely think the signature drink rounds were the best, or at least the most visually appealing – too bad they don’t let the fans have a taste. 🙂

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