Captain Bob’s – Woodstock, NB

Captain Bob’s Takeout
3512, Rte 585
Woodstock, New Brunswick

Traveling along the Trans-Canada Highway we left the province of Quebec and entered into New Brunswick.  After quick stops in Edmundston and Grand Falls, we decided to take more scenic secondary highways and visit some of the many small towns along the  St. John River.  After we crossed the longest covered bridge in Hartland a couple times, this sign on the road caught my eye.


Just in time for lunch – we followed the cookie crumb trail of signs to this shack parked in the driveway of Captain Bob’s home.  A couple of kids were already ahead of us and had ‘honked’ (as per the posted directions) to let the Captain know of our arrival.


“Are you here for the curly fries”? asks the kid.  “They’re the best”!

“Thanks bud”! I respond, as I peruse the menu.  Fish & Chips,  Scallops & Chips, lobster,  and fresh picked apples.  Once Bob made his way into the kitchen, I inquired what type of fish he was serving.

“Halibut – just caught it”! he says,  “Have you ever had it?  It tastes really sweet”!

“Sounds good”, I say.  “This young guy tells me I HAVE to try the curly fries”.

“Of course!  Did you want the regular chips as well – or just swap out the straight fries for the curly ones?  It’ll save you five bucks”?

“Single order of fries – Thanks”! I respond.  As Bob sets to work on my order.


As the fryer worked its magic, we talked about his recent return to his hometown here in New Brunswick, after working in Alberta for a while.  He was contemplating opening up another one of these food stands up in Fort McMurray, to cater to all of the Eastern Canadian transplants working up in the area.

Once our food arrived – we dug in.  The fish was superb.  Fresh, sweet, juicy, with a beautiful light and crisp batter encapsulating the Halibut.

The massive portion of fries were also fantastic!  Crisp, but with a dense inner core. I could see that Bob was waiting for me to take a bite, as he immediately asked how I liked the fries?


He went onto explain that experimenting with various potatoes, he settled on this newer variety called an “Innovator”.  “Nothing compares” he says proudly.

I may just have to agree.

Once we finished our lunch, he recommended some great places to visit while in the area, and warned us of places to avoid.  Thanks again Captain Bob, it was fun – and the food was great!

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3 thoughts on “Captain Bob’s – Woodstock, NB

  1. Great post! It is places like this I would love to visit on a trip I want to do next year to the Maritimes (Halifax -> Cape Breton -> Moncton -> Charlottetown). Of course, I will be visiting the obligatory touristy places (Cavendish, anybody???) but, as usual, more interested in the out-of-the-way local spots. Too bad this is on the west side of NB.

    • My wife literally dragged me to Cavendish, to see the A.o.G.G. sites, but the nearby oyster bar made it worthwhile (post in queue).

      We drove just over 5000km on our trek from Toronto -> Montreal -> Quebec -> Fredricton -> St.John -> Moncton -> Charlottetown -> Cape Breton -> Halifax. We chose to go during the first weeks of October, to get the most out of the fall colours. I’ve been to a lot of places around the globe, but Canada really does have some of the most beautiful sights to see. Especially when the wildlife is out enjoying it with you.

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