Le Billig – Quebec City, QC

Le Billig
526 St. Jean
Quebec, QC
G1R 1P6
(416) 524-8341

Before leaving the province of Quebec, we wanted to experience a great creperie.  Scouring the web – we decided on this establishment located just outside the historic Vieux Quebec (Old Quebec) neighborhood.


The namesake of this creperie-bistro, is a large circular flat-top grill used primarily for cooking pancakes or crepes.  At Le Billig, they have three displayed in their open-concept kitchen  – which churn out crepes and galettes authentic to the Brittany region of France.


What makes these authentic to the Breton culture is their use of buckwheat flour in their galettes. Photographed below is La Bearn, a buckwheat galette filled with shredded duck confit, goat cheese, spinach, and garnished with a sweet onion marmalade for $11.50

The galette provides a fantastic backdrop to the sharp cheese, salty duck and sweet onion.


La Pontivienne was filled with mushrooms, onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, white wine, and fresh cream for $12.  Again, this was outstanding – great flavours, excellent execution.


When it comes to their dessert crepes – they switch to the more common wheat flour batter.  L’extase (The Extasy), is a folded crepe, topped with dark chocolate sauce and ice cream, and Chantilly cream.  Delicious.


The service was extremely friendly, great cafe au lait, and I cannot say enough good things about the food.  This was one of the top three memorable meals from our trip through Eastern Canada.

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4 thoughts on “Le Billig – Quebec City, QC

  1. Highlighting this as one of your top rated meals on this trip surely says a lot. With crepes in general, I’m often more a fan of the sweet over the savoury, but these looks incredibly enticing. Especially that “La Pontivienne” – all those rich earthy ingredients would e hard to pass up!

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