Sushi Oyama – Burnaby, BC

Sushi Oyama
5152 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 568-1012

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Apologies for another cellphone pictures collection… but I wanted to share a dining experience at this uniquely situated restaurant in Burnaby.

Sushi Oyama is literally a large house.  With wide spacious balconies that surround a good half of the second floor where the main entrance is located, it seems like it could house an entirely different kind of business entirely – an interior design shop comes to mind.  Parking was found along the street nearby or the parking lot of the neighbouring strip mall.

Our meal began with an order of the agedashi tofu ($3.90).  Sorry the image above was taken after a few cubes were consumed.  A very thin, light crust surrounded each bite-sized piece which was nice, but the accompanying broth was weak for my taste.

House specials or items named after the house, I must admit I have a weakness for.  Perhaps due to my expectation that anything you put your “name” on, should be excellent and well done.  The Oyama roll ($9.90) provided an interesting mix of textures with the exterior toppings – tobiko (an oddly greenish variety) and black sesame seeds, and ikura on all.

Yam tempura ($6.30) came out in large rectangular slabs.  Very generous portions and again like the agedashi tofu, very lightly fried.  The price/volume balance made this a winner for those who like their bang-for-the-buck.

On the board was served our order of the deluxe assorted sushi ($14.90).  Honestly, nothing to write home about in terms of quality or preparation.  But I just have to make a note about the size of the gunkan maki.   The masago and chopped hotate (lower left of image above) were ridiculously over-proportioned!  Easily three times the size of what would be considered “normal”.

While dining here, the place was filled up fairly well with larger groups of tables.  The open concept played a role in a bothersome level of noise.  It reminds me of the unpleasant loudness experienced at Lime (to be further explained in a future post).  Once several of the groups left, the decibel level fell dramatically, and so I’d say its not the ideal kind of place for a quiet night out for a table of two when its busy.  Maybe unless you are seated outside.

Well there you have it, another very uneventful and not awe-inspiring Japanese cuisine outing in our fair city.

Overall satisfaction/experience: LOW-MODERATE
Likelihood of returning: LOW

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6 thoughts on “Sushi Oyama – Burnaby, BC

  1. I was there some time ago, not long after they opened and the food was quite decent. I guess the started to slip. Now, let me ask you this: have you been recently to Sushi Garden? If so, how does it compare to it? (I.e., comparison of nearby places. Remember, this is located in Burnaby!)

      • woah…no no no…

        in the world of FAKE CHEAP sushi-joints-run-by-koreans, SUSHI GARDEN (located on kingsway near metrotown) is 2nd only to SUSHITOWN (located on east hastings in burnaby before you go to SFU) and beats out both SUSHI CALIFORNIA (on north road in k-ville coquitlam) and SUSHIYAMA (main and broadway). i like to think of myself as an expert of this sub-genre frequenting all of these establishments MANY MANY MANY times.

        these are in a category (their own sub-genre actually) of their own when it comes to sushi. they are the furthest thing to authentic, BUT, they are super cheap and are the closest thing to mcdonalds-sushi around. i wonder if they are connected as they are all run by koreans who seem to be related to one another?

        just sayin’…

        • Wow, its crazy how you’ve been to those three (repeatedly) but I’ve never set foot in any of them. I’m aware of this ‘sub-genre’ as you call it, I tend to notice it when visiting sushi and restaurant suppliers in the city. Sushi Oyama is also among them, as the business card I picked up had a Korean name listed as the owner, and several of the serving staff were speaking Korean as well. Perhaps there is a community tie as you mention, especially when it comes to business.

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