Deli Oriental Meat Style & Food – Calgary, AB

Deli Oriental Meat Style & Food
117-15 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 233-2252

Taking a short break from the usual dine-in experience we like to report on here at foodosophy, I bring to you a quick write up on what I believe is a little known but pleasantly surprising Asian food store…

Visiting the Stampede City recently on business, I remembered this tiny shop along 15th Avenue SE that I used to frequent when I lived for a time in Calgary,  which was my go-to spot to buy my supply of delicious homemade kimchi.  To be precise, they sell it in $5, $10, and $15 batches, all weighed and packaged by whoever might be working at the time.  I recommend you switch it to an airtight container once you are back home and store it in your refrigerator to ensure maximum freshness.  It can last for weeks, and when you start to notice the sourness peak up, mix it in a big pot and create your own kimchi chigae.

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Old Bread Factory – Edmonton, AB

The Old Bread Factory
110-4211 106 Street Nw
Edmonton, AB T6J 6L7
(780) 466-5211‎

I happened to be in Whitemud Crossing, and spotted this new bakery as I was leaving the area.  Thinking only that it would be nice to pickup a fresh loaf of bread before heading home – I noticed that the smaller print stated The Original Mexican Style.


The inside is filled with display cases showcasing a massive assortment of cookies, pastries and breads. First – grab a tray and a pair of tongs, and load up!  I didn’t count the number of options – but if memory serves, I’d say there were at least 80 different things to choose from.

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Angkor Restaurant – Vancouver, BC

Angkor Restaurant
4884 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-0770

[shokutsu] After hearing through the local foodie grapevine that a new Cambodian restaurant was open on the city’s east side, I knew I had to make a stopover.  Not surprisingly, GastronomyDomine had reached this place before me, and thus I’ve asked him to collaborate with me on this piece on Angkor Restaurant.  Our thoughts our interspersed below…

[GastronomyDomine] Like Phnom Penh’s food, I would describe the food here as “Chinese-Cambonian” – the cuisine that evolved from the Chinese diaspora throught Cambodia. (Specifically the Chiu Chow (Toechow) Chinese who intermarried and became “Khmer-Chen”).

As an aside, Vietnamese cuisine evolved in a similar way from this migration (which also naturally occurred in Vietnam given the geographic proximity). Food we now associated with “Vietnamese” is quite often of Chinese origin – eg the noodle dishes like Pho, and Dry Egg Noodles, etc.

Pure Khmer cuisine is quite different. It is similar to some of the foods we associate as Thai. You can see the influences of Khmer cuisine in the use of curry spices, fermented fish products, and the like.

I noted that the proprietors (who are Cambodian) – decided to use the Vietnamese names for the dishes – obviously to appeal to the large Viet community here. Cambodian food is “ethnic” food in Vietnam.

On my recent visit there I found out that the proprietors are blood-related to the owner of Phnom Penh – a good pedigree.

[shokutsu] After sharing a meal earlier this summer at Chinatown’s Phnom Penh, I enlisted the company of a foodosopher associate to join me for a Saturday lunch here – mainly to do a comparison of the chicken wings.

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Thai Terrace – Vancouver, BC

Thai Terrace
2872 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 738-2824

The delectable intricacies of the mouth watering cuisine from the Kingdom of Thailand – a country that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting at least ten times in my lifetime – sadly gets undue respect here in North America.  Perhaps its the fear of the “exotic-ness”  that many people associate with the food from this southeast Asia nation, or the complexity of sweet, savory, spicy, sour and bitter that permeates so many of its fine dishes that is confusing to locals more accustomed to meat and potatoes, which results in a “let’s dumb it down” approach that native-Thai proprietors are forced to take in order to survive and try to establish a beachhead for their cooking in a foreign land.

Whatever the case may be, its a darn shame I say…

On a busy strip of West Broadway populated by many local shops and restaurants, I was completely shocked to see the signage for Thai Terrace while driving past in the early evening and in the middle of a downpour.  I traverse this section of Vancouver often and it surprised me that I had not seen this place before.  With a few diners already inside eating and a couple waiting at the til (apparently to order to go), I decided to turn my car around and stepped inside.

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Big T’s BBQ – Calgary, AB

Big T’s BBQ
2138 Crowchild Trail NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 284-5959

Barbecue.  Definitely one of those forms of cooking that is greatly underestimated for its difficulty, precision and variety…

Here in North America, its roots go back to the 1800’s when pork was the staple item used in outdoor cookouts in the southern United States, and it remains one of the most favoured ingredients even today.  Its true magic how skilled barbecuers can take lower quality cuts or portions of beef and pork, infuse them with flavour from intricate spice rubs and wood smoke over long periods of time cooking at low temperatures, to make them absolutely tender and full of flavour.

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Motoraunt – Edmonton, AB

The Motoraunt
12410 – 66st
Edmonton, AB
T5B 1K4
(780) 477-8797

The challenge was made by Shokutsu to Foodosopher (without my knowledge), that I would be able to out-eat the great Food-o during his next excursion to E-town.

[Foodosopher] Actually, all that happened was after another day where i ate 6 meals, Shokutsu mentioned he was too old to do it any longer, but that the vaunted o-toro still had the skills. I came to town seeking a kindred spirit.

Upon his arrival, we decided to head to the Motoraunt, to tackle the Monster Burger as neither of us has visited before.

[Foodosopher] Mentioned long ago over at ugonnaeatthat, I’ve been dying to try this place for a long time. It was a tough sell to most of my friends, but I was happy to find out that o-toro is always up for a challenge!

The menu reads:

Monster Burger 2 lbs of Reality
“Our great 100% lean Canadian beef burgers contain No salt, pepper, eggs or bread.  They arrive loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and our homemade ketchup sauce”!


During the 30 minutes it took to cook this burger, we had ample time to soak in this interesting carnival of knick-knacks, portraits , lights, and seasonally decorated tree.  Unfortunately – once you get past all of the ‘stuff’, and start looking a little closer, you’ll find a really run-down establishment.  There was also a cat roaming around the tables – which eventually decided to call our table its home.

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Tenku Bakudanyaki – Richmond, BC

Tenku Bakudanyaki
7100 Elmbridge Way
Richmond, BC

May 2010 re-visit post here

Original post below:

So much has already been mentioned about this little trailer truck serving up an interesting treat which takes some cues from Japanese snacks such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki, that I’m not sure how much more I can add to what’s already out there in the blogosphere but here goes…

With some out of town visitors in tow, I thought I would share with them this unique place before our scheduled dinner in Richmond.  Only here for a sample tasting, we shared one order among the four of us and ate it standing up at the small upright table nearby.  Amused by the various tastes to be had, one of us said “let’s get the curry one”, and so it was.

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