Pane e Formaggio – Vancouver, BC

Pane e Formaggio
4532 10th Ave W
Vancouver, BC
(604) 224-1623

Artisan breads and specialty cheeses are a big deal here in Vancouver.  Plenty of competition for this segment of the retail and dine-in scene, with new ones seemingly popping up from time to time throughout the city.  Personally, I try to frequent these shops on weekend mornings when I have more free time to browse around, explore all the shelves and showcases and try to gain some knowledge from the folks behind the counter about what they create and sell.  I love hearing the passion they have for their product and how genuinely interested they are in sharing their knowledge and teaching others about things such as cheeses, which can be overwhelming at times given how many varieties are out there…

Located on the far west end of 10th Avenue towards the entrance of the UBC campus, Pane e Formaggio has been around since the start of this decade and has carved a niche as a popular Saturday breakfast/brunch spot for the residents of West Point Grey.  Despite the narrow, bowling alley-like layout, the bright airiness of the space and the fine touches like the dark wooden flooring, high ceilings, and European-inspired tables and chairs, makes this a very inviting and comfortable place to spend your weekend mornings.  It’s usually pretty tough getting one of the available tables however, so take-out is also available.

The long glass enclosed cases that occupy much of the far end of the space is full of enticing goodies such as cakes, pastries, cheeses, and other deli delights such as these spreads (sorry, descriptions only in the image above).  I’ve not yet bought a dessert item from here, but will surely do so in the near future for the next special occasion that calls for it.

Hanging overhead and above the main bread offerings is a panel featuring the sandwich/pannini creations, of which I was in for on this day…

With a cranberry-ingrained bread providing the foundation for this particular sandwich, dubbed the “La Veronese“, slices of turkey breast meat and brie cheese completed this tasty package.   I particularly enjoyed this bread and how it seemed to contrast well against the brie.

On some rosemary focaccia, the “Italian Club” was comprised mainly of chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and was doused with some olive oil.  The overall texture of this, was as expected, denser than the other sandwich.  I normally am not a huge fan of focaccia, but grilled, it makes it more appealing to me.

So two winners from among the eight or so sandwich choices (both of these sold for $7.99).  Pane e Formaggio, is a mouthful to say, but they sure to put out product that makes the eating worthwhile…

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3 thoughts on “Pane e Formaggio – Vancouver, BC

  1. I just checked out their website. There’s a pretty comprehensive product catalogue including all ingredients. Looks like a trek out there is in order, if only for the sourdough!

    • Agreed! While waiting for my sandwiches to be prepared, my eyeballs were all over the place and walls full of product. Then there were the bright display cases to fully scan. Lots of eye candy. 🙂

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