Cora’s – Toronto, ON

Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch
277 Wellington St W
Toronto, ON

(416) 598-2672

This particular post was recently conducted in Toronto, but was spurred by the sighting of a new Cora’s restaurant opening in South Edmonton.  If you’ve ever spent any time in Eastern Canada – chances are, you are already familiar with the popular breakfast & lunch restaurant operating under the cartoon image of a smiling sun.

Cora’s chain of restaurants is the result of the success story of Cora Mussely Tsouflidou and her first Chez Cora restaurant started in Montreal, Quebec in 1987.  This breakfast chain has quickly grown to become a very popular breakfast destination, while it continues to expand across Canada and South into the US.

The prominent draw to this establishment is their offering of huge portions of fresh fruit, paired with classic breakfast  fare.


The Fresh Fruit Waffles is the go-to option for my friend and Toronto resident.  A sweet custard over the waffle is topped with a mound of fresh fruit.  Beautiful to look at, and from their expression – it must have been as good as expected.


Wanting to try out their standard fare – I chose Cora’s Special.  Two eggs, bacon, potatoes, crepe, ham, and fruit.  Toast options included multigrain (my favorite), which was a nice surprise.  My overall impressions were really good, where my only complaint being the strips of razor-thin bacon (but this is purely preference).  Not wanting to miss the fruit, which this restaurant is known for – a side order was available (not pictured), which contained an array of plums, oranges, grapes, kiwi, banana, watermelon and strawberry.  All of it – delicious.


The third breakfast this morning was the 1990`s Harvest. A unique combination of French toast, fresh fruit, eggs and bacon.  Definitely suited for the breakfast go-er with a sweet-tooth.

I was told that this particular location often has really long lineups on weekends, but our 7am arrival on a weekday morning allowed us to be seated immediately.  Definitely looking forward to this option becoming available in my hometown soon!

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5 thoughts on “Cora’s – Toronto, ON

  1. Oh yes!
    Fresh Fruit Waffles baby!
    I lived in Toronto for 16 months and this was one of my favorite places to go to.
    I didn’t have a car so it was a bit of a pain to meet up with friends, take the subway downtown, and walk 15 minutes to Cora’s… but it was totally worth it.

  2. Thanks for providing a review at Cora’s! It’s such a great, down-to-earth breakfast spot and I sort of wish they had one in Vancouver where De Dutch really pales by comparison and Smitty’s are down-trodden places. I think I’ve been to that very location in d/t Toronto also on a weekday. I can imagine the line-ups on the weekend are terrible!

  3. Sorry for the delay responding – but I’m currently travelling through Eastern Canada.

    I am in Montreal as I write this, and am hoping to get to the origional Chez Cora’s before I leave town.

    EC: I’ll definitely order the waffles next time. They did look so good!

    W: if Edmonton is getting a Cora’s – I’m sure it won’t be long till it reaches YVR.

  4. Cora’s batter and fruits all come prepackaged and shipped from their head office. yuck. waiting in line for 45minutes for terrible service (toronto location) and mediocre food and unrip fruit. no thanks, but alas the wife loves what it stands for (with 100 locations, just another corporation if you ask me), so Coras and co continues to get my hard earned dollars.

    • TtoE: Thanks for dropping by!

      I would have expected the batter to be common across all Cora’s as it is a franchise (or corporation as you put it). However, after having been to this restaurant in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Alberta – we noticed that the fruit was often quite different (not only in ripeness and preparation – but also in selection). This made me wonder where it was sourced from…

      However (based on our visit), we found that the Toronto location served the freshest fruit! I guess fresh fruit will always be a hit/miss thing.

      I will note that the worst fruit we encountered throughout our trip was a bunch of grapes (with fingerprints showing in the unwashed ‘haze’).

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