Pizza Bob’s Classic Pie – Calgary, AB

Pizza Bob’s Classic Pie
2610 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 521-2627

Is there anything in North American food culture as easily identifiable as a take out pizza box?  Some might say those cute Chinese food delivery boxes, but I think that’s more of a media creation and you more often than not instead get such food packed in those white Styrofoam containers or those flimsy metallic trays where you crimp the edges over top a cardboard lid to seal things shut.

Compared to those pizza boxes that have a simple stenciled image of the shop’s name on it (which are appealing in their own way for their old school look), Pizza Bob’s Classic Pie instead had a full fledged artistic logo which I found mildly amusing.  What the heck an alligator has to do with a pizza, while riding atop a sports car is beyond my understanding though…

Being a neighbourhood joint near my friend’s home in West Hillhurst, Pizza Bob’s is a place where we’ve ordered or picked up a pie to share in the past.  I suppose its more a matter of convenience and comfortable routine that we fall into, but when you’re not particularly looking to dine out, portable pizza fits the bill.  If you’ve ever been outside this establishment (located next to a 7-11 convenience store), your first inclination is to think this is a local pub and not a place that serves pizza.  With a small outdoor patio area often populated by folks enjoying their suds, and a heavy wooden door leading inside to a dated and dark space inside, its not the most inviting place you’d pick to eat in.

That’s probably the reason why we always get it to go.  On this night, a simple selection of green peppers, mushrooms and pepperoni.  Its thin crust, but not brittle, the kind you have to toy with and balance to ensure things don’t fall over your lap.

This take out pizza was made all the better by enjoying it outdoors in the wonderful late-summer Calgary weather – also ideal for sharing a few “pops” under the warm rays on my friend’s backyard deck.  Taking a quick glance at the import beers in my buddy’s fridge, and keeping with the Italian theme of our meal, I picked out this Peroni – a nice refreshing, dry beer with a clean finish.  If you like a touch of hops in your brew, this one might suit you.

A shame the summer has come to an end…

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3 thoughts on “Pizza Bob’s Classic Pie – Calgary, AB

  1. While still slightly dated looking, they’ve been doing a few renovations. Not too bad to dine in now. Plus the bourbon wings are wonderful when fresh out of the oven

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