Unforgettable Chinese Restaurant – Edmonton, AB

Unforgettable Chinese Restaurant
7219 – 104 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4B8
(780) 431-0220

Blink and you might miss this place – located on Calgary Trail (southbound), across the street from Strathcona High School. This restaurant replaced the previous tenant ‘Jewel of Kashmir’ in the early part of 2009.

A big red sign, advertising daily dim sum should catch your eye amidst all of the small shops along this stretch of road.  Limited parking in front, with a few additional stalls in the back.

Arriving shortly after they opened, there was only one other couple which made it easy to get a table.  Once seated, we were promptly delivered a dim sum order-sheet along with an additional list of available items on a separate display card. As we pondered our choices – we were offered a selection of ready-made items: Chinese long-donuts, egg tarts, baked pork buns, and a few others which are escaping my memory.


This egg tart, was a good start – soft filling with a hint of lemon, in a light pastry with no trace of excess grease at the base.

The order-sheet was eventually finalized; albeit, with a bit of difficulty finding room on the sheet to cram in the additional items (from the additional list).  A couple small groups flowed in during this time, but our order was probably the only one in the kitchen at that time – so our food arrived in quick succession.


First to arrive was the pork and vegetable congee.  The peanuts added an interesting addition, seaweed was a bit overpowering at times (but that could have been corrected with a bit more mixing on my part).  I often wish they would give you an option for a half-order when it comes to congee – as I really don’t like wasting food.


The rice was good – containing a bit of ground pork, and sausage.  Served as a single wrapped bundle – but lacked any trace of leaf-to-rice flavour transfer.  Could the rice have just been packed into the leaf for service?  I’d have to experiment to be sure…


Siu Mai, was the weakest member of the party only because it was a bit disappointing in presentation and texture.  They tasted fine – but there was something about the pork ball which made it extremely dense.  The decorative center dot – again not roe – but a mysterious orange garnish.


Steamed Cha Siu Bao had a plentiful sweet pork filling, and a dense outer dough.  I apologize for repeatedly using ‘dense’ in my descriptions – but that seems to be the best word to convey my experience.  Picking this up (same applies to the siu mai) – you could feel a substantial heft, but I do want to stress that everything tasted fine.

As the restaurant was not very full – the service was a touch overly attentive, literally standing watch over our table, taking away steamer trays as we lifted the last item out of them (which did lighten up as others filtered in).  Prices averaged just under $5 each – but quantity is less than nearby competition.  Although, pound-for-pound they probably match.  😉

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5 thoughts on “Unforgettable Chinese Restaurant – Edmonton, AB

  1. Agreed – this is my new favourite dim sum place in Edmonton. Price isn’t a factor for me because when it’s cheap, you what you pay for. Still no place in Edmonton that touches dim sum I’ve had in Montreal and Toronto, but Unforgettable is the freshest and tastiest in the city, so a bit pricier is fine. Worth a visit –

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