Old Bread Factory – Edmonton, AB

The Old Bread Factory
110-4211 106 Street Nw
Edmonton, AB T6J 6L7
(780) 466-5211‎

I happened to be in Whitemud Crossing, and spotted this new bakery as I was leaving the area.  Thinking only that it would be nice to pickup a fresh loaf of bread before heading home – I noticed that the smaller print stated The Original Mexican Style.


The inside is filled with display cases showcasing a massive assortment of cookies, pastries and breads. First – grab a tray and a pair of tongs, and load up!  I didn’t count the number of options – but if memory serves, I’d say there were at least 80 different things to choose from.


My first unofficial Spanish lesson was at a Mexican bakery with a work colleague – as he explained that they often name pastries after things they resemble:  Concha (shell), Cuerno (horns), Canasta (basket), tornillo (screw).


This cuerno (horn) looks similar to a croissant, but is made of a sweet dough.  This particular variation was filled with your standard-issue bakery apple filling, and topped with shaved almonds.


The strawberry filled empanadas were freshly put on display as we arrived – so we opted for these over the pineapple, apple or Bavarian creme filled options.


I believe these are called pan fino – or loosely translated to ‘delicate loaf’.  The sweet bread is filled with another slightly sweeter filling which can vary.  I wasn’t paying attention when I picked this up – and had a tough time figuring out what the filling actually was… (pumpkin?)  Regardless – this was my favorite of the bunch.


Visually resembling a danish, but texturally more like a cookie or biscotti.  I could see this matching up really well with a cup of coffee.


And alas, what I was originally looking to buy – a nice loaf of multigrain bread.  Delicious.

I should mention that there was a full assortment of shortbread, sprinkle covered and tri-colored cookies, small sampler pack baskets of goodies, and a coffee station.  Each of the above treats were about a dollar and change, so I was in and out for well under $10.  Definitely worth another visit to try some other treats.  Any suggestions would be appreciated – as I really don’t think I can survive sampling all of them 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Old Bread Factory – Edmonton, AB

    • I was trying to get a mix of various fillings – not paying attention to outer shapes or coatings. The available offerings actually didn’t favor sugar coatings (seen in the display case photo), but I guess my take-away selection did favor that particular exterior.

      Although, I wish they’d make some meat filled ones like you covered at Empanada Queen… So jealous.

      • O-toro, I visited for the first time The Old Bread Factory just this past weekend, when the news of its existence. I went there looking for a special bread we have in Mexico for the celebratory days of the Day of the Dead, Nov 1 & 2. They actually had it and it was delicious! It is called: “Pan de Muertos”.

        In addition, while I was there, I noticed they also had for sale chicken and beef empanadas, just so you know. For best choice, it may be better to be there in the morning as I was there in the afternoon on Saturday the beef empanadas were gone.

        My purchases of that day were a real treat!

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  2. I have to say, im quite excited about this. Whitemud Crossing is starting to get some interesting spots (Buffalo Valley is my favorite meat shop in town!). Thanks for this OT!

  3. the corn-shaped pastry that you took is filled up with a mixture of cinnamon, flour and sugar, it’s great also! you should definitely try the mille-feuille, which is filled with custard and the piglets (“puerquito”) which are made with unrefined sugar (“piloncillo”) and the flavour resembles molasses cookies.

    • Emma:
      Oh yes, the piglet cookies are classic! I must have missed those my first time through.

      Thanks for the note on the filling, we sat there picking at the middle to try and figure it out, but couldn’t quite put our finger on it.

  4. Hi, bod, do you know if the family come back to candada or they are living now in mexico? because this bread was very delitios.

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