Motoraunt – Edmonton, AB

The Motoraunt
12410 – 66st
Edmonton, AB
T5B 1K4
(780) 477-8797

The challenge was made by Shokutsu to Foodosopher (without my knowledge), that I would be able to out-eat the great Food-o during his next excursion to E-town.

[Foodosopher] Actually, all that happened was after another day where i ate 6 meals, Shokutsu mentioned he was too old to do it any longer, but that the vaunted o-toro still had the skills. I came to town seeking a kindred spirit.

Upon his arrival, we decided to head to the Motoraunt, to tackle the Monster Burger as neither of us has visited before.

[Foodosopher] Mentioned long ago over at ugonnaeatthat, I’ve been dying to try this place for a long time. It was a tough sell to most of my friends, but I was happy to find out that o-toro is always up for a challenge!

The menu reads:

Monster Burger 2 lbs of Reality
“Our great 100% lean Canadian beef burgers contain No salt, pepper, eggs or bread.  They arrive loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and our homemade ketchup sauce”!


During the 30 minutes it took to cook this burger, we had ample time to soak in this interesting carnival of knick-knacks, portraits , lights, and seasonally decorated tree.  Unfortunately – once you get past all of the ‘stuff’, and start looking a little closer, you’ll find a really run-down establishment.  There was also a cat roaming around the tables – which eventually decided to call our table its home.

[Foodosopher] Not just a cat, but flies, dirt, dust, and home of the smallest bathrooms i’ve ever seen! The motoraunt certainly has character! I’ll admit though, it certainly meant the food had better be good.


The proprietor/cook/server was excited to share the history of the Motoraunt.  Initially built to be a mobile home for a one-way trip to California, this massive machine never made it to its destination – but rather has moved around Edmonton since the early 80’s serving burgers along St. Albert Trail, Jasper Ave, and now resides on 66th Street north of the Yellowhead.

[Foodosopher] The proprietor was a super nice lady. Very chatty and friendly, she has recently lost her husband, who built the place. She definitely made the entire experience interesting for me!

When the burger arrived at the table, we were excited to see that it lived up to the many reviews of its enormous size.  Viewed from its untouched exterior, I will admit that it looked very impressive. However, once we cut into the burger – it appeared to be grossly out of balance.  Bread-to-meat ratio was 9-to-1, lettuce-to-meat ratio was 2-to-1.

[Foodosopher] My colleague exaggerates a bit, likely due to his overwhelming letdown after his initial impressions.  It was no more than 8-1 ratio of bread to meat. And that the lettuce AND tomato ratio was 2-1, not just lettuce.


On a component level – the bread tasted fresh, the meat was ok (not sure why you would brag about not seasoning the beef), homemade ketchup was bright and tasty, but as a whole – it was a really just a big loaf of bread, with just a hint of burger for $19.95

[Foodosopher] The bread was a surprise – much better than expected. The ketchup, of which im not usually a fan, tasted unusually good. Maybe because the beef wasn’t seasoned?

After our first ‘slice’, Foodosopher proposed the magical question “would you come back”?   I had to give a slightly deflected answer, as I would not come back for the food, but would come back to share the experience with some friends who would get a kick out of this place.  An U-spoon reviewer put it best:  “The point of this place isn’t the food, it’s the experience”.

[Foodosopher] I have to agree here – it is about the experience. The fries were fresh cut, with some skins left on, but like the burger, were no where as good as they looked. Much too starchy. The few homemade chips we got mixed in by accident tasted much better. In writing about it, my scalp itches a bit just thinking back to the experience of dining there. I wouldn’t go back – even for the experience.

As for the results of the challenge – I will openly admit defeat.  If Food-o is capable of many eating feats with room to spare – I never had a chance…

[Foodosopher] That was a long time ago. And there was no challenge! But i did expect better 🙂 It was a pleasure o-toro! And everyone, please eat responsibly!

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8 thoughts on “Motoraunt – Edmonton, AB

  1. Great to read about your meeting and meal together at this truly unique joint. Wasn’t aware that my small suggestion led to such a big event. 🙂 From what I can see, the burger looks very uninteresting and I don’t think it would be enough to make me want to visit this place… Though I would like to be witness to your next high volume chowdown. 🙂

  2. Everybody, if one of these days you are planning to do something similar in Vancouver, I am sure there will be some big eaters over here! 😀

    The burger just looks big and nothing else. Either that or the picture does not do that much (in)justice to it. But, given the bread/meat ratio, I won’t be surprised you will be full by just eating it rather than the meat. Probably if you “discared” the top part of the bun and eat the rest?

  3. KK – lol – me neither. But there seems to be a strain of burger purist out there that doesnt believe in seasoning. Rocky’s Burger Bus in Calgary is quite similar.

    KH – i’m too old for this 🙂

    Naw, the picture is pretty close. I’ll see if i can edit up a pic and throw my pic up for comparison. Though we ate the whole thing and didnt get full (well, i didnt. I went for Bubble Tea afterwards). The bun was one of the better parts – why would we discard it? 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting the Edmonton institution. I’ve been meaning to go to take in the experience, but it keeps slipping the mind. For such a classic around town, I can’t seem to find anyone willing and/or who has gone.

    Nothing says a good time like Bubble Tea for dessert! Hopefully with extra sago.

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