Golden Rice Bowl – Edmonton, AB

Golden Rice Bowl
5365 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton, AB
(780) 435-3388

A couple years ago, I had a fantastic multi-course authentic Chinese dinner here at the Golden Rice Bowl with some friends to celebrate Chinese New Years, and noticed they offered daily dim sum.  So we scheduled to meet back a few days later to give it a try, and immediately added it to the regular rotation.


Located on Gateway Boulevard (northbound), tucked in a stripmall – is home to daily Dim Sum from 11am – 2pm weekdays and 9:30am – 2:30pm on weekends.

It seems as though most dim sum restaurants in Edmonton have managed to keep the cart parade going – where many other cities have moved to an order-sheet method.

The advantage:  you have a few seconds to inspect what you are actually going to get.
The disadvantage:  your favorite items may not make it to your table before you’re full.

Anxiously waiting with my complimentary pot of tea, the first options arrived.


lower left:  Ngau Juk Kau – steamed meatballs, wrapped in a thin bean curd skin and topped with thinly sliced onion and ginger.  The bean-curd skin variation seemed new to me (at this location) – as all of my previous visits had a similar meatball steamed naked.  I much preferred this variation, as the onion and ginger added some depth to the dish.

Lower right: Steamed curry squid.  Great flavour, perfectly tender.  It’s really hard to complain when you can start eating good food immediately after stepping through the doors.


Upper left:  Siu Mai – steamed ground pork and shrimp in a wonton wrapper basket.  The shrimp are mostly intact, which adds a nice textural component against the ground pork.  Versions I’ve had elsewhere are often topped with a dab of fish roe, and these seemed to have a similar orange garnish – but I honestly couldn’t figure out what it was as it had no flavour of its own.

Upper right: Lou Mai Gai – called out as ‘sticky rice’, is a glutinous sweet rice with mostly ground pork inside, wrapped in a lotus leaf, then steamed.  The leaf imparts a tea-like flavour to the surface of the rice making this one of my personal favorite dishes.

Lower left: Tau Hu Ky – shrimp and green onion paste, wrapped in a bean-curd skin – then lightly fried.  As far as the shrimp paste dishes go – I prefer version of  steamed shrimp paste on a green pepper base, only because I occasionally find these to be a little on the greasy side.

Lower right:  Har Gow – steamed shrimp wrapped in a translucent wheat starch dough.  These contain about three small shrimp loosely packed within.  I have been disappointed so many times at other establishments – as these are often over-steamed causing the wrapper to disintegrate, but have found that Golden Rice Bowl is usually pretty good at getting these right.


Upper left: You Tiao – These ‘Chinese donuts’ are commonly served with Congee. Not something you’d enjoy on its own with your morning Timmie’s, but provides for a textural component.

Upper right: Congee – a warm, savory rice porridge.  Garnished with fried bits of an egg-roll wrapper  and chopped green onions.  The only identifiable ingredients were the bits of century egg, which is always a fun item to torment the unitiated with, next to the chicken feet.

Lower left: Baked Cha Sui Bao – This baked version of the bbq pork bun, is a sweet bread filled with an even sweeter filling of bbq pork.  Oh so good, but way too filling at this stage of the meal.

Lower right: Ham Sui Gok – a deep-fried dumpling of ground pork wrapped in a sweet rice dough.  This is one of the most unique flavour texture combinations available.  A thin crispy outer layer – soft, sweet and sticky rice dough – filled with a savoury ground pork filling.

After this immense amount of food – we had to throw in the towel.  Obviously, the more people you can gather for dim sum – the more dishes you will be able to try.  We must have passed on at least three carts with ‘chicken rice’, pork wrapped in pastry, chicken feet, tendon, ribs, and coconut buns – so there was no shortage of selection.

Dishes averaged $4.50, which I find to be fair for their portions.  I have yet to be be disappointed with the quality of their dishes, which keeps me coming back.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Rice Bowl – Edmonton, AB

  1. This is one of the better dim sums, and Chinese restaurants, in Edmonton.
    I’ve been to a couple wedding dinners here too…

    I mentioned this on another blog, but one of the reasons that the carts are still predominant in Edmonton is because non-Asians tend to associate “dim sum” with carts. Since Edmonton doesn’t have as big a Chinese population as Vancouver, Toronto, and even Calgary, you tend to see more “American Chinese” food, more fortune cookies, and more dim sum carts. Not like it’s bad. I love me some ♫ dimmmm summmm girls ♫…

  2. I’ve never done up dim sum at GRB, but after a few solid food based celebrations, I really should hit it up. Great post, thanks for all the Edmonton offerings recently, much appreciated!

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