Bada E-Yagi Korean Restaurant – Burnaby, BC

Bada E-Yagi Korean Restaurant
6408 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 432-9342

This stretch of Kingsway has several Korean restaurants in relatively close proximity.  Bada E-Yagi is one of them.  The ample parking lot right next door perhaps aids in drawing visitors to come inside.  I’d also remembered seeing it when I was in the area last year visiting Posh…

Arriving for an early afternoon weekday lunch, the place had a few other customers, a mix of both Korean speakers and non.  Immediately inside the front door, I noticed a large refrigeration unit, presumably they also sell food items to customers who are interested.  I neglected to take a real close look inside, so cannot comment on just what things they were selling.

Sparsely decorated but ample table seating and some booth arrangements, a large flat screen television hung on the wall was playing a Korean pop music program.  I think it must have added to the air of “Korean” ambiance for a party of six (appeared to be a Latino family) who came in after us and were seated nearby and who from all appearances were experiencing Korean food for the very first time.  This unofficial judgment made from observing their studious looks while reading the menu and overhearing the detailed questions they had for their server.  Its nice to see people branching out and trying cuisine from other cultures!  The best part of living in a society like Canada I say.

After leading the way among my foodosophy colleagues in posts on Korean cuisine, I am realizing now that I have this habit of snapping shots of the free banchan that come out when dining in Korean restaurants.  I suppose one day, I could summarize them all and do a mini-report on just these side dishes.  Would anyone be interested, well that’s another question… 🙂

Having recently endured a massive outdoor barbecue to end my sense of the summer, I wanted something a bit more relaxed and non-spicy, so I elected from the menu this kalbi tang (beef short rib soup).  The broth was flavourful but not overly salty either (though you can add salt to taste), and as is customary, I ate it with some steamed rice (some people even dump it right in the hot bowl).  I’ve been surprised lately how a single serving like this can completely fill me up.

My lunch companion had the daegu maeuntang (spicy cod soup).  As I was hesitant to try anything spicy this day, I didn’t even taste a spoonful of the soup.  They commented that it was just fine, so will have to take their word for it.

For the purposes of visiting a new haunt to report on, Bada E-Yagi fit the bill.  But with all the selection out there, especially even along this stretch of Kingsway for Korean food, I think it may be a while before I decide to make a return visit, as while the food was good, it did not blow me away…

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2 thoughts on “Bada E-Yagi Korean Restaurant – Burnaby, BC

  1. Shokutsu: “I suppose one day, I could summarize them all and do a mini-report on just these side dishes. Would anyone be interested, well that’s another question…”

    Actually I am curious to know if there are any ‘rules’ or suggested sequences to eating banchan? As some are sweet, spicy, savory – or is it just up to the diner to do as they please?

    • As far as I know, there are no hard and fast rules pertaining to how one “should” eat banchan with a Korean meal. Its really up to each diner to choose. Personally, I try to balance things out. For instance, if I am eating a spicy soondubu, I’ll tend to taste the milder tasting/sweeter banchan dishes (as available). To each his own though.

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