Fatburger – Edmonton, AB

Fatburger (South Edmonton Common)
1755-102 Street NW
Edmonton, AB AB T6N 0B1
(780) 469-8180


What makes a good burger?  I’ve found this to be a tricky question to answer, because for me – there are too many variables (bun, patty, condiments, smells, sides, and atmosphere).

For example – an oversized bun, an overcooked patty curled up like a small dish, a slice of processed cheese, and ketchup squeezed out of a small package – served outdoors, with the smell of the BBQ, sun, and a park/campground/lake – makes for a great burger.  😉

The retro diner décor at Fatburger is nice, nothing over done.  With locations found throughout western Canada and the U.S., there are tidbits of information on how this chain started back in 1952 – through various photos and plaques on the walls.  There are plenty of booths and tables to sit and wait for your food to be served, with easy access to the self-serve drink station.

With only one till to order your food – it can be a little slow.  I’m sure this is done on purpose, as the addition of more tills wouldn’t make the burgers cook any faster.  Busy hours usually have a queue leading right out of the front door.

What I love about this place is that they have no fear of stating the truth.  With menu items named Fatburger, Double Fat, King Fat, and Crispy Fat Chicken – make sure you clear things with your doctor, as there is a possibility of becoming addicted to their burgers, which won’t do you much good in the long run.   For the health-conscious, there is a salad called the Fat Salad Wedge – with the first topping listed as diced bacon.


The burger shown above is the Double Fatburger with add-ons of cheese, and bacon.   Oh yeah – plus gravy on the fries!   My lunch companion opted out of the gravy, but added a fried egg to his burger and thoroughly enjoyed his Real Ice Cream Shake.

This is a well constructed burger:  the bun is just the right size – keeping everything together nicely.  The patties are packed loosely providing a nice texture, and the standard condiments are balanced nicely.   Overall – I thoroughly enjoyed this burger!  The gravy on the fries was good, although the fries themselves were not the greatest.

Definitely more expensive than your neighborhood fast-food joints, with your closest comparable being Red Robins.

Not trying to stir up any controversy, but there is a lot of advertising on how the beef is never frozen, and that they use the highest quality USDA approved beef.   I could not find anything to tell me whether this applies to the franchises in Canada?

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5 thoughts on “Fatburger – Edmonton, AB

    • I’ll probably never get around to trying it though… as I honestly don’t often go out for a burger. But when the mood strikes – I’m going for the biggest, greasiest, unadulterated thing with a side of fries and gravy!

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