Elysian Fields – Seattle, WA

Elysian Fields
542 1st Ave South
Seattle, WA
Tel: (206) 382-4498

Preface: Being from Alberta, I know how at times it seems the province is actually part of Saskatchewan.  The seemingly large number of people from that Prairie province who live and work in Alberta, as well as those who actually make the journey to watch their beloved Roughriders football club play in cities like Edmonton and Calgary, further compounds this image.

On a recent day trip down to Seattle to catch the Toronto Blue Jays take on the local Mariners, I was surprised to find a row of ten young men decked out in full Roughriders fan gear – complete with those popular watermelon helmets, green body paint and colored wigs.  The curious and bewildered Yanks in the stands were coming down and taking pictures of these fellows, and as a Canadian, I was proud to see them showing love for our country (albeit, I am not a fan of that particular ball club, while my travel companion is).  Incidentally, the hottest daytime temperature ever in Seattle was recorded on this day!  Field level mercury was reported at 41 degrees C!

Located just a few blocks away from Safeco Field where the baseball game took place, and virtually across the street from Qwest Field (home to Seattle’s NFL team) is Elysian Fields.  I immediately thought of the movie staring Andy Garcia from a few years back that contains the same place name.

Built in what is apparently was a former warehouse building, the immensity of the space was hard to distinguish from the front exterior.  But stepping inside, I was amazed at just how much room there was for dining and the bar.  Clearly, this place must get incredibly busy on NFL game days with its prime location.  I’ll find out in a few weeks time when I am back down for the Seahawks season opener!

The organization behind the enterprise is the Elysian Brewing Company, and they have two other locations in the city of Seattle.  My buddy and I both tried one of their signature brews in the Elysian Fields Pale Ale – a nice clean tasting variety that left little aftertaste.  Perfect for a very hot day, very refreshing!

For our post-game meal, my friend had a Shepherd’s Pie (not pictured) that came with a small green salad. He commented that it was alright, and being somewhat of a fussy eater, I think he took comfort in knowing what to expect with this dish.  Myself, I’m not a huge fan of that dish.

I elected to just have an entree as well, and had the Grilled Halibut served with a tangy tomato and shallot sauce laid over some bitter green veg.  The fish was cooked just fine but I’ve confirmed that this type of seafood is not really my favorite as it lacks flavor on its own.  If I had to rate it, it would get a so-so (meaning not bad that I had to put down my cutlery, but not so good that I’d want to have it again).  Alas, it was a healthier choice than the steak sandwich I was contemplating. 🙂

These kinds of brew pubs that are more about the drinks than the food are usually where I try to limit what I eat just because the food never seems to match up.  I’d rather enjoy a few pints on the patio watching the scene unfold outside and nibble on a few simple appetizers than delve into a full meal.  My dinner at Elysian Fields confirmed that I should stick to that approach.

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2 thoughts on “Elysian Fields – Seattle, WA

  1. I stop there for the happy hour menu sometimes before taking the 6:30 Amtrak bus to Vancouver- it’s a couple long blocks from the King Street Station. The crab cakes are a fantastic deal and work well with the IPA. Other small plates- hit and miss, but enough hits that I go back.

    • I believe we had just missed the happy hour on our visit! I could see how it could be a pitstop for thirsty travelers about to board the train back north as the station was so close. Have you checked out other places just a block or two away as well for a similar fix?

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