Flavours – Edmonton, AB

Flavours Modern Bistro
10354 – 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z8
(780) 439-9604

Flavours, a self described ‘modern bistro’ has been serving a mix of eclectic fare on Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue following the fires of 2003.


This little bistro caught my eye as we were driving along Whyte ave, looking for somewhere new to try.  As we passed by, we honestly weren’t sure whether it was a restaurant or an ice-cream parlour – but we pulled over anyways to check it out.  Worst-case scenario we have ice cream for dinner!

A chalkboard sign out front listed their special for the day, Pan seared salmon w/ Saskatoon balsamic red wine cream sauce for $25.  I was sold – simply because we had just picked some Saskatoon berries from a family farm the day before and was happy to see someone using them in-season.

Inside, a nice décor which blends a modern look (high art niches, long mirrors, dark woods) against a rustic side of exposed brick.

The menu reminded me of a grocery list I would take to the Strathcona Farmer’s Market  (i.e. Bison, gnocchi, goat-cheese, wild mushrooms).  Not surprising – as the market is literally just outside of the rear-door of this restaurant.  Wishing I could try a little bit of everything – I kept to my original lure, as I was reeled in by the posted special…


The salmon was cooked to a perfect internal temperature (with just a hint of rare) and the sides were fantastic, but there was something about the presentation which was slightly unappetizing.  I think it was due to my preference to have a better pan-seared piece of fish (as seen on this post by Shokutsu) or maybe it was the sauce (which didn’t add much to the dish).  I am being overly critical, as this still tasted good.

My wife chose the seafood pasta (I apologize, as I have forgotten the details) but do recall that it was excellent and the definite winner between the two entrees.  Shrimp, scallop, assorted veg all cooked perfectly – this is a great example of how great ingredients makes for great food.


After our entrees were cleared, we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee while we gazed into the display cooler filled with their dessert offerings.  Since I still had ice-cream on my mind — we were easily tempted to choose something to close off this dinner.


The lemon pie was fantastic – presentation and all!

I am looking forward to another visit, as there were some very interesting dishes on the menu I would like to try.

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