Vit’s Hawaiian Steak House – Honolulu, HI

Vit’s Hawaiian Steak House
2058 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI
(808) 983-7275

I’ve learned that I sometimes don’t make the best decisions when I am wandering around with no real intentions on my own in a new city.  After a long lazy day spent at the beach, I decided to go for a walk after sunset and stumbled upon Vit’s Hawaiian Steak House, deciding that I should get something to eat for dinner before my other travel mates arrived at the airport later that same evening.

Adjacent to a hotel on the far west end of the Kuhio Avenue before it merges into Kalakaua Avenue, Vit’s has both a decent sized bar and dining area.  A few of the tables and booths were taken by larger groups, and if not for the solo drinkers at the bar, I would have felt more out of place dining alone.  As I was within ear shot of the bar, I overheard a few conversations that suggested to me they were regulars and knew the female bartender quite well.

Recognizing the surf and turf focus on the rather standard menu, I decided to take my chances and ordered the top listed entree, the signature Ono Steak, being Vit’s was proclaiming itself to be a steakhouse after all.  As the above picture depicts, what came out on the plate looked like an oddly shaped/cut slab of beef, that was so-so tender.

Supposedly marinated in an Asian base of soy, ginger, etc. overnight, the flavour was just not as strong as I hoped it would be, and I almost regretted declining the offer of A-1 Sauce (which I despise and which seems so “American” to me).  The accompanying slices of carrots were cooked but still too raw for my tastes, and the mound of mashed potato with gravy ended up being the best part of what was on my plate.

If not for the two tall pints of Kona Longboard Island Lager I had, I think I could have easily walked out of there disappointed and with an empty stomach.

Guess that makes it a double “ono” (oh no!) for me when it comes to meals with the Hawaiian word for “delicious” in the title.

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One thought on “Vit’s Hawaiian Steak House – Honolulu, HI

  1. I consider Vits Hawaiian Steakhouse the best in Waikiki, with the Ono Sirloin steak very tasty, although you need a taste for it. I eat at Vits at least once every time I visit. Unfortunately, on September 2,2014 I was served a glass of green tasting Budweiser. I mentioned this to my waiter; he informed me that the bartender and a local customer (a friend of the bartender) tasted the beer and said that it was fine. I also tasted the beer that the bartender drew and it was still tasted bad. I have been drinking Bud for over forty years and know the taste of a bad Bud. This is a case of a customer just supporting his favorite bartender instead of suggesting that the keg be replaced and the lines purged. I know enough not to argue against a stacked deck and did not finish the beer.

    With this being said. the meal was outstanding as usual. I paid my tab with a 20% anyway and started walking back to my hotel. Halfway back my stomach started to ache, there and then I knew I had the trots. Place this condition on the food or the beer, but please make up your own mind. This will not stop me from eating at Vits, just hope the staff will pay more attention to the paying customer that is actually drinking the beer.

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