Chop – Edmonton, AB

17635 Stony Plain Rd.
Edmonton, AB T5S 1E3
(780) 487-2467


When this restaurant first opened a few years ago – I heard many rumblings about how great the food was.  There were many forums discussing this new entry into the Edmonton steakhouse market, and had some great reviews.

To verify these claims for ourselves, we arrived at this sleek looking building and step into the very contemporary/modern decorated restaurant & lounge.

The menu is filled with your standard chophouse fare.   Ahi-tuna, beefsteak tomatoes, mash,  fries, sauteed mushrooms, etc.    Nothing exceptionally unique – but I’ve heard good things about the Prime Rib.  Make it big & medium rare.

I was pleasantly surprised!   Tender, juicy, and their ‘hand-shaved’ horseradish was great!

A few months later – I brought a party of seven to share the discovery of this restaurant.   I was totally let down – everyone who ordered prime rib was unimpressed.  Beef tasted bland, and appetizers and sides all seemed under-seasoned.  Maybe it was just a bad night (which I understand can happen), but disappointing all the same.   Strike One.

2008:  A year later we decided to give them another chance, but alas — even worse!  The prime rib tasted as if it was re-heated from the night before (tough and dry), and the infamous 24-layer chocolate cake was stale!  Strike Two.

2009:  It’s been another year now – and decided to give it another try.  It was a Monday evening – so we decided to stay away from the Prime Rib (figuring that I might run the risk of another re-heat experience) and chose to share the 22oz porterhouse with my dining companion .

The menu reads:  “Chop steaks are hand-cut by our own in-house butcher, aged a minimum of 28 days and selected from Certified Angus Beef, the top 5% of all beef in Canada.  Broiled at 1800F, each steak is seared to lock in its natural juices and flavour.”

I have personally experimented with a huge variety of cooking methods, temperatures and techniques, especially when it comes to steak.  Obviously, I can’t generate 1800F at home, but have had success using a wood-fired Italian forno oven in the +900F range, resulting in an exceptional exterior crust.  If the Chop is truly broiling at 1800F – I would expect a similar full-steak crust (with no grill-marks).   Note that Chop‘s advertised cooking technique is identical to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – which was covered here by foodosopher.

So would you agree that this porterhouse from the Chop – looks nothing like what it should?   It appears as though it was grilled on a standard bbq (not broiled at 1800), a large pool of steak juices making a mess on the plate, and the most disappointing – was the lack in flavour.


Strike Three.

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